Mantua, ambushed with baseball bats in a parking lot: two young men in serious condition

Surround yourself and hit with baseball bats e iron bars in the parking lot of a La Favorita shopping center on the outskirts of Mantua. An ambush, perhaps for a settling of scores, has reduced two young men to death, Pierfrancesco Ferrari, 35, living in a municipality a few kilometers from the city, and the 23-year-old Atilio Ndrekai, also resident in the Mantua hinterland. They are both hospitalized in very serious conditions in the department of resuscitation of the Carlo Poma hospital: the young Albanian would be in life threatening, while for the Italian there would be some more hope even in a clinical picture of extreme severity.

I carabinieri who are investigating are limited to providing the clinical conditions of the two, hiding behind the utmost confidentiality regarding dynamic, modalities and reasons ambush that appears, however, a settling of scores. The military would be checking out the video clips of the cameras of the shopping center, even if the ambush took place in a secluded area of piazzale, difficult to monitor by the electronic eye.

The two, according to a first version of what happened, would have been invited to a appointment From one phone call received while in a bar of Mottella. Once they reached the forecourt of the shopping center, which is a few kilometers from their homes, they would find themselves in front of four to five people who attacked them with baseball bats (one was found not far from the place of the attack) and reduced to death. The first call of rescue she arrived just before 3 when a passer-by found the two riversi a terra, unconscious, near a roundabout. THE Res instead they are analyzing the stains of blood found in the parking lot to try to trace the identity of the attackers. The magistrate opened a file against unknown persons with the attempted murder as a crime hypothesis.

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