Mantua, beaten with clubs by the pack: two boys in a coma

A 35-year-old and a 23-year-old are in a coma at the Mantua hospital after being beaten to death in an ambush

They were lured with a phone call in the parking lot of a shopping center on the outskirts of Mantua, they were surrounded and beaten by the pack with a baseball bat, until they were reduced to death. As reported by the ‘Corriere della Sera’, a 35 year old from Mantua and a 23 year old of Albanian nationality find themselves hospitalized in a coma in the hospital of the Lombard city: the first is very serious, but for the youngest the conditions are desperate.

According to the first reconstructions, the two met, in the evening between Thursday and Friday, in a bar in Mottella, a hamlet of San Giorgio Bigarello, near where the beating took place. There they would receive a phone call from an acquaintance who asked him to join him in the parking lot of the La Favorita shopping center, just outside Mantua.

The two boys arrived on the spot they would have been victims of an ambush by a group of four or five people, who massacred them mercilessly, with various objects of wood or iron.

Alerted by a passer-by, the carabinieri of Mantua arrived on the scene in force to quell the brawl, but they found the 35-year-old and the 23-year-old already dying a bloody baseball bat, plus several empty beer bottles.

Doctors still place hopes on the 35-year-old, while the 23-year-old after undergoing two surgeries may not make it.

The carabinieri are examining the images of the surveillance cameras to reconstruct the incident. The investigations opened by the prosecutor Fabrizio Celenza are onhypothesis of attempted murder, for now still against unknown persons.

Virgil News | 03-07-2021 14:36

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Mantua beaten clubs pack boys coma

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