Furious Can Yaman: Diletta scolds him

Can Yaman, what has he done again to anger reporters? Has the Turkish star in the company of Diletta lost his mind again in front of paparazzi and fans? It seems so: the actor wanted to get away from the crowd of onlookers as soon as possible. The presenter of Dazn tried to calm him down and even scolded him by telling him not to pull her like that.

Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta They were surrounded by photographers and journalists on leaving a Turkish restaurant. The actor star of DayDreamer and Mr Wrong he tried to avoid photos and questions, speeding up the step, and literally “pulling “the arm of the girlfriend. The presenter scolded him and tried to calm him down.

Can Yaman, a journey to introduce Diletta to the family

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Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta they allowed themselves a little rest and deserved “holidays ”in Turkey. It was also an opportunity for Can to do know the girlfriend to your family and his friends. Official presentations, therefore, to yours madre Guden and even to the grandmother to which the actor is very attached. The presence of the couple in Turkey inevitably has unleashed journalists, paparazzi and fans that you are lurking everywhere the two went to immortalize them or have some declaration. And for this invasion of privacy, Yaman as usual, it has sclerato.

Can Yaman and the difficult relationship with the media

yaman fan

Can Yaman does not have a good relationship with journalists and photographers and also with fans a little’ too insistent. It’s useless, the Turkish star can’t stand these forays into his privacy, but it is the price (but also the privilege) to be paid to be a public figure. Beloved Leotta he knows it well, he understands it and is up to the game: not him. And for this reason that, too often, the 32-year-old comes attached. His reactions are, therefore, posted on social networks and also transmitted, as happened, precisely in Turkey, also on the various broadcasters. And the protagonist of “Sandokan” non is that we do one beautiful figure.

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Can Yaman and Diletta, besieged by fans and photographers


Can and Diletta They were besieged by journalists, photographers and onlookers. A presence that has annoyed and disturbed Yaman who began to pull Diletta’s arm for “escape” the siege and get into the waiting car as fast as possible. In reverse Beloved tried to keep the calm and smile, glancing sideways at her boyfriend who was about to explode. He could only to smile considering that questions e conversations they were for her incomprehensible.

Diletta ‘rebukes’ Can


Beloved at that point it is had to intervene trying to calm her man down and telling him: “Love, don’t pull me“. And at that point Yaman got a little softened. The reporter also asked her boyfriend to calm down, relax and, why not, answer questions. Everything was covered by the local media.

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