Anticipations Un Posto al Sole, concern to the stars: twist

Un Posto al Sole, a fiction broadcast on Rai 3, is about to experience a change that has surprised fans. A sensational arrival has upset the imagination of viewers.

A Place in the Sun (@Youtube)

A Place in the Sun continues to gain more and more viewers. The fiction whose first episode aired on 21 October 1996 is broadcast from Monday to Friday on Rai 3 and more than two million people tune in to the third channel of the national network to see what will happen in Posillipo, in particular at Palazzo Palladini.

The advances on Monday 5 July reveal that Filippo’s intervention was successful and now all that remains is to wait for his awakening. Serena tries to recover her energy while Patrizio has a clash with Alberto Palladini and fears that the man may then vent his frustration on Clara.

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Anticipations Un Posto al Sole, concern to the stars: twist

A place in the sun, Patrizio Rispo

In the episode of Tuesday 6 July, despite Filippo’s operation going well, unexpected consequences arise that Ferri faces with anger, while Serena seems destroyed by pain. The episodes of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, on the other hand, are particularly full of twists and turns.

As the doctors suggest Serena be patient, she painfully acknowledges her husband’s severe amnesia. Troubled by Filippo’s health conditions and Volpicelli’s somewhat polemical attitude, Rossella finds an unexpected confidant with whom to let off steam. Meanwhile, a fearsome presence at the school camp he is about to sign up for terrifies Jimmy.

Concern is growing for Filippo who seems to have forgotten the last ten years of his life, the man tries to dig into his memory by trying in every way to put the pieces of his life back together, while Serena, anguished, has to explain to Irene the reason so he can’t see his father yet.


Anticipations Posto Sole concern stars twist

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