Rosa Perrotta explains why she wanted a girl

Rosa Perrotta explains why she wanted a girl
Rosa Perrotta explains why she wanted a girl

After announcing that she is expecting her second child a few days ago Rosa Perrotta revealed that she is expecting another boy. After Domenico Ethan, she is Pietro Tartaglione they will become parents of Mario Achille.

The Perrotta he wanted to express his emotions with Instagram Stories. The former tronista said she was very happy for the joy she is experiencing for the second time, but she did not deny that she had hoped for the arrival of a girl:

I wanted her to be a sissy. I was so curious to see maybe a little me. But she didn’t go to this round. But I have to say that in hindsight, there will be a real companion for Ethan. They will keep company, if the little one will follow in the footsteps of the big brother, if they will team up. Many of you write to me that two children of the same sex simplify things. Two children of opposite sense have different needs, so maybe having them of the same sex everything is easier.

Rosa he then added:

We are very happy and I must admit that for the first child I hoped it was a girl more than with the second. With the first I hoped it was female, but I felt it was male. With the second I felt from the very first day that it was a boy. I would have liked to teach a girl what I learned as a woman, my heritage of values ​​about being a woman. I would have liked to raise a pretty badass sissy, one who would surely have taken her place in a world that was still too sexist.

Furthermore the Perrotta does not seem to want to try to have a third baby in the future:

The first thing that Pietro she said when we learned about the sex it was: “Oh well, the third will be female“. As for me, I lay down my arms, two is perfect. Now you make your children. Two is fine.

Furthermore Rosa Perrotta he replied to those who criticized the choice of the name Achille:

Achille it is a name on which both my father and I immediately agreed, which is very rare. It was immediately approved.


Rosa Perrotta explains wanted girl

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