Accident in Salò, European arrest warrant for the German tourist driving the motorboat –

Accident in Salò, European arrest warrant for the German tourist driving the motorboat –
Accident in Salò, European arrest warrant for the German tourist driving the motorboat –

At the request of the Brescia prosecutor’s office, the investigating judge issued a precautionary measure against one of the two German tourists – CT and PK both 52-year-old managers – already under investigation for multiple manslaughter and failure to rescue after having overwhelmed and killed on board a Riva motorboat Umberto Garzarella, 37-year-old businessman from Sal, e Greta Nedrotti, a 25-year-old student from Toscolano, in the waters of Lake Garda. They were on a gozzo, stationary, to then reach Portese. It was just after 11pm on Saturday 19 June. The Munich Court of Appeal yesterday reserved its ruling in relation to what the Italian colleague asked for and the German judge’s decision should arrive on Monday. The European arrest warrant been issued on the charge of manslaughter and therefore only at the expense of the tourist that, according to the reconstruction of the investigators, he was driving, that is to say the friend of the owner of the Riva. In a video in the proceedings, you can see it stagger on the boat until it falls into the water. The 52-year-old, by his own admission, was at the controls of the speedboat at the time of the terrible crash. the same man that he agreed to undergo the alcohol test, which then tested negative. The prosecutor of Brescia has asked for his arrest because he believes that there is a risk of repetition of the crime and danger of escape. The decision is now to the German judge, on the basis of a detailed report sent late in the evening by the Brescia magistrates via Eurojust.

Meanwhile, yesterday the last farewell to Greta Nedrotti, with the funeral ceremony in the parish church of Maderno. White balloons released into heaven and hundreds of people huddled around the parents of the 25 year old university student, who died in the terrible nautical accident that also cost her life Umberto Garzarella, consumed in the waters of gulf of Sal on the evening of June 19. To mow the small boat, on which they had taken off, a powerful motorboat on which the two German tourists who, instead of providing help, they disappeared in a hurry. In recent days the two, returned home after the first checks, from Germany sent a cold email with apologies of circumstance. The European arrest warrant signed by the Brescia Public Prosecutor’s Office is the effective response to the behavior of the two Germans who from the beginning to the end was not marked by a sense of responsibility and fairness, the lawyers Patrizia Scalvi and Caterina Braga, lawyers of the family, declared to Ansa by Greta Nedrotti. Meanwhile a Maderno one is being organized torchlight procession for July 10 in his memory.

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Accident Salò European arrest warrant German tourist driving motorboat Corriereit

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