Supervivientes, Luca Onestini defends Gianmarco: “All envious”

Supervivientes, Luca Onestini defends Gianmarco: “All envious”
Supervivientes, Luca Onestini defends Gianmarco: “All envious”

While in Italy the Isola dei Famosi ended with Awed’s victory, the Spanish version, Supervivientes, has yet to come to an end. Luca Onestini, on Instagram, intervened in defense of his brother Gianmarco, who is still in contention for the victory, stating that the other competitors are just envious.

In Italy the adventure of the shipwreckedIsland of the Famous in Honduras it ended a few weeks ago, with the victory of the Neapolitan youtuber Awed. The Spanish version of the reality show, Survivors, which airs from the same beaches where the Italian competitors were also located, has yet to be concluded.

While Valeria Marini has been eliminated, Gianmarco Onestini, former competitor of Big Brother Vip 16 and brother of the former tronista of Men and Women Luca Onestini, is continuing his adventure in Honduras, trying to make it all the way to the final. Recently, however, on the Island he has received several attacks from his comrades, and for this reason Luna Onestini has decided to intervene on Instagram to defend it.

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Supervivientes: Luna Onestini defends Gianmarco

Luca Onestini, in fact, in addition to thanking all the audience of Survivors for the support they are giving to Gianmarco, carrying it forward episode after episode and rewarding him as the most voted castaway during the last live broadcast, he decided to remove a few pebbles from his shoes:

“During the program the other competitors spoke very badly of him, but I think it’s only for one reason: they have fear of Gianmarco, because it is objective that he is the best castaway of all, the most generous, the strongest, the most intelligent and the purest soul “.

Per Luca Onestini, therefore, the other competitors, having understood that they have a strong opponent in Gianmarco, they are trying to put him in bad light to try to eliminate him: one strategy that the former tronista of Men and Women immediately understood, and that he motivated with the envy felt by the castaways.

“I think the other castaways have a lot envy by Gianmarco, and envy is the worst thing in this world ”.

According to the words of Luca Onestini, therefore, the brother could be one of the favorites for the victory in Supervivientes: Gianmarco will he succeed in this enterprise?

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