Hamilton: “We have had great success together but there is still a lot to win: both on and off the track” | News

Two more years together for the seven-time world champion and for the House of Stuttgart, with which the 36-year-old champion from Stevenage has been racing since 2013.

On the eve of the ninth round of the current World Cup, team Mercedes-AMG announces renewal of Lewis Hamilton’s contract for the next two seasons. The most successful combination of Formula One will therefore continue for its tenth and eleventh seasons, becoming equally one of the most solid in the entire history of the maximum formula, equal to that of Michael Schumacher with Ferrari. A demonstration of mutual trust that comes at the most delicate moment: that of the difficult title challenge with Max Verstappen and Red Bull.


“It is hard to believe that we have been working together for nine years already and I am thrilled to extend our partnership for another two years. We have been very successful together but there is still a lot to win: both on and off the track. I am incredibly proud and grateful for the support received from Mercedes in my efforts to improve integration and equality in our sport. They have taken the responsibility of creating a more inclusive team and environment, taking important steps in this direction. I thank all the people who with talent and dedication have worked hard to make this possible and the Mercedes top management for giving me unconditional trust. We are about to enter a new era of Formula One and I can’t wait to set out in pursuit of new successes together “.

There is a lot of pride in the achievements and a lot of curiosity for what the collaboration with Mercedes can still reserve, in the first words of Hamilton after the announcement – unexpected, in this part of the season – of the two-year extension of the contract that ties him to Mercedes. There is, on the one hand, the sense of a pact that is tightened even more, an important “close ranks” in a very delicate phase of the challenge with Max Verstappen for the world title, with the Dutch driver very much in the running and determined to continue his winning streak and further increase his advantage in the general classification, which currently amounts to eighteen points: 156 to 138. But there are other possible explanations as well. On the one hand the – mutual – need to put stakes firmly planted on the ground (especially by the Black King) in the imminence of the arrival in the team of George Russel. Unthinkable that the talent of King’s Lynn still be left to Williams or – even worse – to the competition. But Hamilton will surely have asked for “guarantees” about their status within the team. From his words, however, Hamilton’s also appears – if not above all – as a choice of field, which goes far beyond the hunt for new world titles and pushes (or rather, pushes us) to imagine a much wider role than Hamilton in the Mercedes. Or more precisely, Mercedes support for what will be the future goals of a champion who, over the years, has understood (and made it clear) that he has a mission that goes well beyond the conquest of a world title (“There is still a lot to win: both on and off the track”). However, he has won seven titles, has already joined Michael Schumacher and – with these other two years of contract – is definitely aiming to become the absolute record holder. Verstappen permitting.


“At the dawn of a new era of Formula One, starting in 2022, we couldn’t have a better driver than Lewis in team. The goals he has achieved in this sport speak for themselves and with his experience, his speed and his craft, he is at the peak of his career. We are working hard in the battle for the title and that’s also why we wanted close deals quickly, so you don’t have any distractions and being able to concentrate on the challenge on the track (Hamilton had renewed with Mercedes – and only for 2021 – last February 8, a month and a half before the start of the World Championship, ed). I’ve always said that as long as Lewis has the fire of competition inside, he can go on indefinitely. ”


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