Jim Morrison: The rebellious myth of rock died fifty years ago

Perhaps because for many he was a god, perhaps because stars of that caliber seem destined to never go out, Jim Morrison’s death continues to cause discussion. There are even those who, unwilling to accept it, think that he is still alive.

Moreover, at the time of its discovery no autopsy was carried out and Courson, who died three years later of an overdose, brought with her the last secrets about the Lizard King, as he himself had defined during a famous performance: “I’m the Lizard King, I can do whatever I want”.

A rebellious life that made him a absolute myth for his generation and subsequent ones: his tomb al Paris artists cemetery, the Père Lachaise, continues to be one of the most visited places in the city, so much so that it is cordoned off to contain the excesses of fans. Not even the 50 years that have passed since his death have managed to reduce his myth, on the contrary. If possible it has grown further.

Originally from Florida, he lived in the California of the 1960s, a laboratory of ideas, music and social but also chemical-lysergic experiments that offered Morrison, at the time a film student, the ideal ground to develop his complex personality, made up of transgressions and fragility.

Among his idols Elvis and Sinatra but also Rimbaud and Baudelaire, the cursed poets he managed to get close to, and the visionary William Blake. Among his passions also cinema and philosophy with a predilection for Nietzsche. From his theories he took a taste for Dionysian, the creative raptus, the instinct, the intoxication. Morrison has been able to transform all his cultural references into something new. Just in those years the rock was taking on a new physiognomy which, from the heroic phase of the founding fathers, with the push of the British Invasion, has reached the music of today.

He was the first frontman to bring the mysticism of the disorder of the senses. Suffice it to say that it is precisely by attending a concert of the Doors that Iggy Pop – according to the legend – was electrocuted on the path of rock’n’roll. His voice and personality have perfectly merged into the music of the Doors, one of the most influential and original bands in history. An impressive phenomenon, if you think that they were formed in 1965 and that the first album was released in 1967, the last with Morrison in ’71. Altogether they recorded six studio albums and a legendary live. A parable that was interrupted very soon but which left an indelible mark on the history of rock. And the Jim Morrison myth continues to resonate.


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