BMW Definition CE 04, the new electric scooter will debut on July 7th

BMW Definition CE 04, the new electric scooter will debut on July 7th
BMW Definition CE 04, the new electric scooter will debut on July 7th

July 7 BMW will debut a new electric scooter. The announcement came through a teaser shared on the German manufacturer’s social channels. Although the name of the new model is not explicitly mentioned, it is clearly seen in the short video that it is of the EC Definition 04 which was unveiled as a concept last year. An electric scooter that at the time impressed a lot for its particular look.

BMW had said that its shapes were very close to those of the production model. Indeed, after several months of no news, this scooter in May was intercepted on the road during some tests. As we could see, the only real differences compared to the concept concerned the introduction of some elements necessary for the homologation such as mirrors, reflectors, direction indicators and brake lights.

The particular design had been developed, the manufacturer said, to make the scooter electric practical and suitable for urban travel. For example, thanks to the positioning of the battery in the lower part and the compact engine, the concept had a large load compartment capable of containing the helmet and other objects. We will see if this feature will also be present on the production model.

The most interesting thing to discover will be there its technical data sheet. BMW had spent many words on the design of the concept but had said nothing about the powertrain. We only know that it will be a vehicle designed for urban travel, to meet the needs of those who travel an average of 12 km every day. Therefore, one should not expect particularly high specifications. The current BMW C Evolution, in the Long Range version, offers a range of up to 160 km. It is possible that the new electric scooter has a similar level of mileage.

At this point, all that remains is to wait a few more days to discover all the secrets of this particular new battery-powered model.


BMW Definition electric scooter debut July #7th

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