“If you are embarrassed, leave the government”, “You can’t do it” – Libero Quotidiano

“If you are embarrassed, leave the government”, “You can’t do it” – Libero Quotidiano
“If you are embarrassed, leave the government”, “You can’t do it” – Libero Quotidiano

Still clash between the Democratic Party and the League. This time it is in the center the document on the future of Europe signed by the European right. At the center is the denunciation of an EU “without nations”, which will lead to a growing transfer of sovereignty of the individual member states. The five parties that belong to the two right-wing groups, Id and Ecr, sign the document: the Italians of Lega and FdI, the Spaniards of Vox, the French of the Rassemblement national, and the Poles of Pis. Together with them also Fidesz of Viktor Orban, as well as other parties belonging to the two groups. The text argues that “European cooperation” is “faltering” and that the institutions need a “profound reform” because the EU “is increasingly becoming an instrument of radical forces that would like to bring about a cultural and religious transformation”.

Immediate criticism of the dem, which did not go down with the populist appeal signed together with the Hungarian Orban. “You cannot be at the same time with Europeanism and with Orban. You cannot be a supporter of Draghi and Orban at the same time. You simply can’t “, said the secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta to Matteo Salvini. And again: “The alliance of the sovereignists of Salvini and Meloni has two prime ministers, Orban and Morawiecki. They are the only two who last year vetoed Next Generation EU and the Recovery Plan that saves Italy. Only the determination of the other 25 then beat them “.

However, the reply of the deputy secretary and foreign manager of the Carroccio was not long in coming, Lorenzo Fontana: “Letta can rest easy: his socialists were allies of Orban for years and until a few months ago, since the Hungarian leader was part of the EPP. If he is so embarrassed, he can leave the Draghi government, which thank goodness has him. widely denied on Mes, reopening and assets. We will not miss it “.

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