Whiteners: best at the dentist

We all grow up with very white teeth, then, over time, that beautiful shade of white changes, sometimes mercilessly. Except for rare cases of genetic predisposition, if our teeth tend to darken it is due to a lifestyle that is not careful to protect it. How to fix it? Let’s see together some techniques that can do for us.

A hygiene incorrect dental o insufficient, the consumption of foods that yield pigments very dark, come coffee, licorice, you, the smoke or foods with dyes artificial, but also the natural advancing age, significantly affect the color of ours teeth

A smile sparkly it can open many doors. That’s why i whitening treatments, even if theirs effect it doesn’t last for always and not gets better the health of the teeth, they are in high demand. The important thing is to think about first to solve tooth decay and inflammations.

Teeth whitening: how to choose?

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From the consumer association Other consumption, which he edited an investigation on products and on services to make candido the smile, some suggestion to choose well.

The treatments whiteners domiciliary that are for sale in Stripes e gel, make our teeth more bianchi of some tone, and correct small spots like those of coffee, ma the effect lasts at most one year.

It is good to remember, however, that whitening kits and strips are products of which they do not know each other the effects a long term. It would therefore be good to use them in moderation and don’t abuse it and most importantly, pay a visit from dentist before use them.

They wouldn’t be particularly effective instead, toothpastes and mouthwashes “whitening”, which only serve a prevent yellowing it’s at to maintain color natural of the teeth, but they do not make them whiter.

Whiter teeth: better from the specialist

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Whiten your teeth at one studio doctor professional, ensures we get a guaranteed result. Indeed, the dentist is expert in treatments whiteners is it customize according to the almost. All the methods proposed are effective and allow you to earn from 7 to 10 degrees of white.

One of the methods of whitening professional most used, is the bleaching, ie whitening through the use of chemical agents activated by light Led O Laser a determinate frequencies.

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Of course, it does whitening professional turns out to be more effective than that domiciliary in terms of speed and degree of whitening obtained. Costs range from 300 a 600 euro circa.

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