Pastificio Secondi, gastronomy becomes modern in Rome

Omen name. With this phrase the Latins claimed that, in some way, the name of the people contained a sort of omen of their destiny. Far from trying to disprove Latin wisdom, but sometimes funny exceptions happen. Mauro Seconds for example, despite his surname, he has been working for years to make first courses special, being one of the most popular pasta makers in Roma.

The Pasta Factory Seconds

Continuing with the trend of curious coincidences, the pastificio, founded in 1985, is located on the eastern outskirts of the capital in a neighborhood whose toponym sounds almost like a tribute to the master: Torre Maura. a historic pasta factory in the capital, born in 1985 In the laboratory, renovated and expanded in recent years, the processes are carried out with highly technological tools, able to guarantee the healthiness of the product and enhance its nutritional and organoleptic characteristics. Nearby there is also an urban garden dedicated to the cultivation of aromatic herbs, vegetables, rare plants and wild herbs, whose use in the gastronomic field is all to be rediscovered. Alongside Mauro Secondi, to carry on the artisan business is his wife Serena, with whom he shares a passion for pasta and cooking in general.

The Paste

It has been said of the attention paid to the technological aspects, the same attention is paid to the choice of ingredients, obviously starting from the flours. The different types of pasta are divided into: Drawn products, water and flour pasta, sheets (also precooked), Gnocchi, Tagliati and Ravioli made with ricotta, stuffed with meat and ready baked dishes. The Tritordeum line of sheets and bronze-drawn pasta is made with this hybrid cereal: a natural cross between wheat and barley, highly digestible, with a low glycemic index and a moderate gluten content.

Assoluto deserves a separate mention, the line, conceived with a nutraceutical approach, of ravioli stuffed with a single vegetable ingredient: Jerusalem artichoke, celeriac, purple cabbage, white cabbage, carrot, red onion or white turnip. The pastry is made with durum wheat semolina, eggs and a small percentage of 00 flour.

The Pantry

In recent months, also thanks to the pandemic situation, Pastificio Secondi has created the new fresh line from Dispensa: ready-made condiments in a jar, with an average shelf life, available in seven variants. In addition to the inevitable Roman triptych (cacio e pepe, carbonara and amatriciana), depending on the period, there are four other proposals that retrace the Italian peninsula: from the Genoese to the yellow datterino with prawns up to the classic ragù. A series of Pestos is coming, made with the herbs of the aforementioned urban garden of property.


Athome it’s a particular delivery service conceived and signed by Mauro Secondi: no platform to act as an intermediary, orders 36 hours in advance to guarantee the freshness of the product, direct delivery (or take away) and three suggested menu solutions (land, sea and vegetarian) that can possibly be redial to your liking. In the appropriate section of the site there is the complete offer of dishes, which arrive at home ready, to be regenerated or completed; the only thing to cook at the moment is, needless to say, the pasta. In addition to the first courses, there is no shortage of specialties that often vary, based on meat, fish and sweets. The complete four-course courses range from 28 to 39 euros.

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