Belgium-Italy 1-2, the report cards: Verratti from Louvre, Chiellini version of King George. Doku, what a show!

Belgium-Italy 1-2, the report cards: Verratti from Louvre, Chiellini version of King George. Doku, what a show!
Belgium-Italy 1-2, the report cards: Verratti from Louvre, Chiellini version of King George. Doku, what a show!

REPORT CARDS OF ITALY (by Marco Conterio)

Donnarumma 7.5 San Gigio, for how he saves on De Bruyne and then on Lukaku. Great levers, great courage, great skills. He is worth every million that Paris paid for him and not seeing him in Serie A again is a shame.

Di Lorenzo 5.5 He is naïve when Doku, the arrogant youngster contemptuous of danger with his skates under his studs, points him in the area. A heavy penalty, a freediving match seasoned with too many individual technical errors.

Bonucci 6.5 He has fewer marking tasks than Chiellini but in the setting phase the imperishable pressing of De Bruyne forces him to play simple. Of profession and substance.

Chiellini 8 He slept peacefully, as promised on the eve. King George is the commander any vessel would want, in good times or bad. He roars about Lukaku.

Spinazzola 6.5 He comes out in tears and it breaks his heart to see him suffer like this, for another injury, alone, he who was the comet star of this dream Italy traveling to Europe. (from 79 ‘Emerson st)

Stretcher 7.5 The command was to play it like Kanté, that is, by man everywhere, always and in any case. He entered and shot a diagonal almost to De Bruyne. It is one of those that every technician dreams of having.

Jorginho 7.5 From his there is De Bruyne who tries to act as a toll booth for supplies. Play by the sword, a myriad of order and discipline football. And don’t miss a single ball. Golden.

Verratti 7.5 He says he would have been a bartender without football. It is an espresso, straight into the veins of Italy. Rhythm and blood, he never makes a mistake. When it is on evenings like this, it deserves a place in the Louvre. (from 74 ‘Cristante 6 Enter to give more order, to get into the tile occupied by De Bruyne)

Church 7 Mancini chose him to keep Thorgan Hazard down and widen the Belgian defense. A cleavage match, when it tears and pushes it is a thunderbolt in the Bavarian night. (dal 91 ‘Toloi sv)

Immobile 5.5 He gets stubborn and also gets stoned. He has a craving to get rid of the dross of the past from his shoulders and this warrior spirit is creepy. But to make mistakes like this, so much and in the ways, it is not like him. (from 74 ‘Belotti 6 Enter to give depth. He wanders in the opposing half of the pitch, always with a heartbeat, pressing, annoying the maneuver).

Badge 7 He has not yet patented the Insigne shot, the suggestion is that the Insigne goal is also deposited at the office in charge. A blue rainbow that surprises even a dream catcher like Courtois. (from 79 ‘Berardi sv)

Mancini 9 Thirty-two useful results in a row. A dream Italy, beautiful. Suffering, who also wins against the number one national team in the world like Belgium. It is Mancini’s Italy. And now he goes to Wembley to play the Euro 2020 semifinal against Spain.


Courteous 6 – Innocent on the blue goals, he stands out on the balls that arrive in his area. He risks too much on Immobile in the first half but also suffers an impropriety.

Alderweireld 6 – Orderly game of the Belgian central who commits some lightness alternating with precise closures within the penalty area.

Entertainment 6,5 – Derby della Capitale with Ciro Immobile, never allows the blue striker to turn around to kick at the net resulting in an unbeatable match on high balls.

Vertonghen 5,5 – Give the ball to Verratti starting the action that unlocks the match in favor of the Azzurri. He suffers the blue offensives on his side.

Meunier 6 – The blue arrow Spinazzola acts on his side but manages to contain him in the first half, less so in the second half of the race. Purposeful forward (Dal 70 ‘Chadli sv – His game lasts a few minutes, he goes out due to injury. Dal 74′ Praet sv).

White 5.5 – He gives and takes them in midfield dueling especially with Verratti. Try to be seen in offensive projection without affecting as he would like.

Tielemans 6 – A yellow earned and a yellow always taken on Verratti within a minute. Some flaws in the defensive phase, it disengages well in the construction of the action (From 71 ‘Mertens 6 – Try to accompany his team in search of the peer who does not arrive).

T. Hazard 6 – He is not a full-back and you can see when Chiesa acts on his side by not putting a brake on the outside of Juventus. Jumped too easily by Barella on the blue 1-0. In the offensive phase he is more proactive.

De Bruyne 6,5 – Midfielder with superfine feet, can be seen in the touch of the ball for his teammates and in the conclusion with which he calls Donnarumma to the huge save.

texture 7 – Born in 2002, he is the youngest in the field and can be seen in the freshness of his movements with which he always creates dangers for the Azzurri defense. Skilled in earning the penalty that reopens the match, he touches the screaming goal in the final.

Luke 6.5 – He re-proposes the all-physical Inter-Juve duel with Bonucci and Chiellini. He concludes towards Donnarumma’s goal but the blue goalkeeper surpasses himself in diving. Very cold from the spot when he shortens the distance. Leave the competition, we are waiting for him in our championship.

Martinez 5,5 – Line up from the first minute Doku to give more unpredictability to the maneuver and the choice appears to be spot on. For the potential it has at its disposal, the elimination in the quarters leaves a lot of bitterness in the mouth.

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