the system uses the PS5 APU and not the Xbox Series X

the system uses the PS5 APU and not the Xbox Series X
the system uses the PS5 APU and not the Xbox Series X

After the first appearance of the AMD 4700S chip, there have been many rumors about the possible origin of the heart of this particular system. Among the many, the most popular hypothesis directed towards reuse of Xbox Series X APUs with defective GPU.

Today we finally collect from the network the first feedback of the AMD 4700S, which completely overturns what was hypothesized. According to what emerged, in fact, the new AMD system should actually exploit the SoC of PlayStation 5.

The processor is recognized as an AMD Ryzen with 8 cores at 3.2GHz. Of course, PS5’s RDNA2 GPU is disabled by default, while the RAM available is 8GB of the GDDR6 type at 14Gbps. A not insignificant advantage compared to traditional channels based on DDR4.

The user who also published the first photos obviously wanted to report his first impressions as well. It is therefore an adequate system for light or moderate use, also suitable for particularly demanding calculations but presents a considerable bottleneck if you look at the Gaming PC with high-end GPU. The PCI Express expansion port in fact, despite being aesthetically full-size, it just has four PCIe 2.0 channels.

Recall that among the compatible GPUs suggested by AMD they appear all AMD Radeon RX 500 Series and some NVIDIA GeForce GTX video cards including the 1060 and 1050 Ti.


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