IlMasseo talks about his intimate, private and sentimental sphere on YouTube

Sometimes it takes a lot of courage to tell the person behind the character. There are those who prefer not to talk about their private sphere and remain the character for everyone and who, on the other hand, exposes themselves completely, aware that they can be judged, regardless of the judgment of others. That’s what he did today IlMasseo who, in a beautiful open-hearted video posted on YouTube, he talked about himself and his intimacy. Edoardo does not do it for hype, he does not do it to feel sorry for someone, he does it for himself and reiterates it several times. The creator starts the video by introducing himself as a 26-year-old realized at the work level, less sentimentally:

I am a complete Boeotian. I have no experience. I am embarrassed. I think I remained a teenager. In videos and streams with my talk I can seem like a powerful figure, who can do anything, who gives a lot of nothing to anything, arrogant, outspoken and vulgar. Someone may perceive this as a symptom of safety. It is there in some respects, but in a given area it does not exist. In that respect I am inexperienced, shy, I have little confidence in my ability to deal with the fairer sex. All these small shortcomings have brought me at the age of twenty-six to have never had sexual intercourse. I am a virgin.

The fact of being a virgin had already mentioned it in some live shows, always in a joking way and the public had never taken it too seriously. Being ilMasseo helped him to get his shoulders wide, because he knows he is always judged and labeled. Nevertheless, she suffers from apathy and since September of last year she has started a journey with a psychologist, to understand where her father was born. continuous malaise despite having pretty much everything he wants. Everything can be linked to a girl he met when he was 15/16 years old in Switzerland:

I fell in love with a girl. Over time it became an obsession. When I saw her he was amazed, because at that age I gave so much importance to the aesthetic aspect of people, myself included. I was very insecure about my body … I saw her: she was beautiful and temperamentally she was just as beautiful. I foolishly made the mistake of making a promise to myself: “You will be my first time.” I made this very small mistake, which was not a small one, because I carried it on for eight years. I remained attached and in love with this ideal of mine for eight years. I never shrugged it off. Two years ago I never gave up on this idea. Unfortunately, I have a strict ethic: if I promise something, I do everything to keep it. A little ‘for fear of disappointing that promise made as a kid, a little’ because by now I was scared in that respect and I had paranoia that went through my mind.

That promise made to himself blocked Edoardo and made him sabotage every possible relationship (“I apologize to the girls I’ve been with over the years. I’ve always been the problem!“). Once he realized that the promise could not be kept (“You can’t force a person to do what you want“) a chasm has created within him, a void that he tried to fill, not with a nail chases a nail (“I am not like that and despite having many fans, I have never taken advantage of it, because I am not able to“), But throwing himself into his passions, playing video games and watching YouTube videos, becoming the Masseo we all know:

This has been my personal secret of success. For others it may not work. For me it was fundamental, because I wanted to fill a void. I wanted to fill a void with you: I practically exploited you. Until I realized that that void would never be filled, not even with millions of people who love and appreciate you. People are fundamentally fond of a complexed. Not having “sexual” distractions in a society where people compete to “fuck” helped me. I was interested in filling the void with my passions. When I said that all this saved me, it’s not to arouse someone’s grief, it’s because it happened. Twitch and YouTube helped distract me from other thoughts.

IlMasseo concluded his video outburst, addressed to Edoardo himself, reiterating that he is a virgin (“F * ck choice apparently, because I’m a bullshit, tied to a promise that can’t be kept. And I got it“) And giving a Advice to all those who follow him: “Don’t rush to do anything. There is no standard age for fucking. That’s what I’ve learned. Don’t feel ashamed. At that age I was ashamed … if you don’t feel ready to do certain things don’t do them“. Morality is unwanted, but thanks to such a sincere video, the message can reach out loud and clear to many young people who live what he lived and it could be much more useful than many phrases.

[FOTO: YouTube]


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