Europeans, Donnarumma: “Extraordinary Italy. We want everyone’s dream”

Europeans, Donnarumma: “Extraordinary Italy. We want everyone’s dream”
Europeans, Donnarumma: “Extraordinary Italy. We want everyone’s dream”

The goalkeeper: “We deserve to be in the semifinals, we are an exceptional group.” Bonucci: “We have shown how big the heart of the Italians is. Insigne: “It is Mancini who created this spirit. One of my best goals “

Forward. Fearless. He also greets Lukaku’s Belgium, the number one of the Old Continent. At least, they were. A beautiful Italy capable of suffering, of fighting with a knife between the teeth, of not breaking down for that penalty right at the end of the first half which could instead become very heavy. “We were angry in the locker room – says Gigio Donnarumma – but we calmed down immediately because there were still 45 minutes left and we didn’t want to waste energy”.

“In the second half we had more opportunities to score again but the important thing is to win. We play it with anyone. It is an extraordinary Italy – continues the former Milan goalkeeper now at PSG – It was an interminable match, it never ended! We are an extraordinary group, a team that never gives up. We deserve to be in the semifinals, we are slowly getting closer to our goal. ” And then on the save from De Bruyne at the start: “I’m just trying to help the team, to always give my best. I’m excited today because it’s my first important competition and I want to go as far as possible with this shirt. I hope to make my dream come true. all”.


Lorenzo Insigne was one of the great protagonists of the Azzurri’s success with his second goal, which was then what made the difference: “It was one of my most important goals. We are in the semifinals because we all suffer together, even those who do not play, and it is the coach who created this spirit. I’m sorry for Spinazzola – he says to Sky Sport’s microphones referring to his recognition as a man of the match – because if he hadn’t been injured he would have won this award again today. I went to console him because I saw him cry, and I hope he can recover because he is a fundamental player for us ”. But does Insigne feel he is the leader of this national team? “All together we are doing a great European – he replies -, I am making myself available to the team. Against Austria I know I haven’t made a great performance, but the important thing is to have shown that, all together, we are able to go all the way.


“It was a very difficult match, we knew their quality, especially up front and the difficulties they could create for us in the restart. In the first half we dominated, we went over 2-0, then a somewhat dubious penalty put them back on track – says the captain to Rai – In the second we were very good at suffering. We have shown once again how big the heart of this group is, the heart of the Italians. Now we continue to dream with our feet on the ground, there are two games left. The next with Spain, a great team, is a national team that plays like Belgium. We will have to recover our energy and give 100%. But we started these Europeans with a dream in the drawer. Let’s keep it there and dream to the end. I’m sorry for Spinazzola who made some great Europeans, but whoever replaces him will do the same ”.

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“We are happy because we work hard to achieve these goals. Today our goal was to reach the semifinals, they met a great team and we played the game openly. We deserved this victory – says Marco Verratti – De Bruyne is a fantastic player who is proving to be one of the strongest in his role. We pressed hard and didn’t let Belgium think and this allowed us to create opportunities. We are happy because I think this is the victory of a team. Now let’s celebrate and tomorrow we think about Spain. We have always been optimistic. We have this kind of game thanks to the coach. We will try to give our best and see where it takes us ”.

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