with Salvini and Meloni sign Le Pen and Orban- Corriere.it

with Salvini and Meloni sign Le Pen and Orban- Corriere.it
with Salvini and Meloni sign Le Pen and Orban- Corriere.it

Marine Le Pen announces the birth of“Union of European Patriots” with a joint declaration on the future of the European Union signed by herself, the Italians Giorgia Meloni and Matteo Salvini, the Hungarian Viktor Orban, the Polish Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the Spanish leader of Vox Santiago Abascal and by ten other European political forces. There is no longer talk of leaving Europe but of giving it another direction, opposite “to the federalist path that inexorably distances it from the peoples who are the vibrant heart of our civilization,” writes Marine Le Pen. The joint declaration is signed by parties and political leaders who in their respective countries are «dominant or rising forces, e soon majority thanks to the popular will», Claims the leader of the Rassemblement national, who also suffered a severe defeat in the regional elections in France last Sunday, failing to win any regional presidency, not even in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur where her candidate was given for favorite.

The signatories want to defend the idea of a Europe “respectful of peoples and free nations”, deeming it unacceptable that “the peoples are subjected tobureaucratic and technocratic ideology of Brussels which imposes norms in all areas of daily life “. These are issues that have always been dear to sovereign political forces, but they come the rhetoric of leaving Europe or the euro aside. The goal is no longer to destroy the European Union but to “reform” it by weighing more on the political debate, and according to Marine Le Pen “today’s agreement is the first step towards establishing a great alliance in the European Parliament”.

«Nations feel slowly stripped of their right to exercise their legitimate sovereign powers “is written in the document. Which then continues: «The use of political structures and laws to create a European superstate it is a manifestation of the dangerous and invasive social engineering of the past, a situation that it must lead to legitimate resistance. The moralistic hyperactivism we have seen in the EU institutions in recent years has led to the development of a dangerous tendency to impose an ideological monopoly. We are convinced that the cooperation of European nations should be based on traditions, respect for the culture and history of European states, on respect forJudeo-Christian heritage of Europe . We reaffirm our belief that the family is the fundamental unit of our nations. Family policy should be the response to mass immigration».

The designated opponent is Emmanuel Macron, «The main representative in France of the globalists and pro-Europeans who, by launching the Conference on the Future of Europe, want to increase the power of the European institutions ”. The political positioning of Marine Le Pen is clear and all in all coherent in France and in Europe: Macron’s rival in the race for the Elysée in spring 2022, and the “patriot” opponent of the pro-European president also on a continental level. The formalization of the alliance with Marine Le Pen, Orban and Kaczynski in an anti-Macron and anti-Europeanist role makes thehe peculiar situation of Matteo Salvini’s League: in Italy part of the national unity government led by Mario Draghi, savior of the euro and today Macron’s closest ally, and at the same time in Europe part of a new and strengthened sovereign alliance together with Giorgia Meloni (who is instead outside the government) and whose main opponents are Macron and Draghi themselves.

The birth of thethe alliance of patriots aims to form a sovereign parliamentary group that could count on approximately 115 deputies in Strasbourg, becoming the third formation after the popular and the social democrats. The reorganization of the sovereign camp was allowed by theexit of the Hungarian Orban from the European People’s Party. Until then, Orban and his Fidesz party were linked to former President Sarkozy’s Républicains and rejected the alliance with Marine Le Pen. After the delay and abandoned the EPP, Orban can now openly pursue the union with the lepenists in France, and Meloni and Salvini in Italy. The latter is now in one politically sensitive situation, also considering that its most important minister in the Draghi government, Giancarlo Giorgetti for Economic Development, seems attentive to the reasons of the northern entrepreneurs more interested in protecting and tightening the link with Europe.

More or less in the same minutes as the announcement of the birth of the“Union of European Patriots” with Le Pen, Orban and Salvini, coincidentally the Anglo-Saxon newspaper Financial Times published a new article in the series “A lunch with the FT” in which the journalist Miles Johnson talks about the meeting with the leader of the League in a restaurant in Piazza Navona, in Rome. Salvini’s no-euro past, sympathies for Putin and Trump, and his current realignment on the European Draghi, NATO and American President Biden are underlined. Has Salvini transformed? Did he become an establishment man?, asks the Financial Times. «The world has changed, Europe has changed, the United States has changed, the economic dynamics have changed. We have certain values ​​and those remain », Salvini replies, who shortly after adds« my idea is a Europe of the people, not a superstate but a union of diversities and communities ». The article ends like this: «I wonder which version of Salvini I met – writes the FT journalist -. Maybe he’s right, the world is changing and he changes with it. Or, more likely, I haven’t really met the man but just another one of his customs».

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Salvini Meloni sign Pen Orban Corriereit

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