Umberto convinces Vittorio to call Marta but …

Let’s see together the Plots and Advances of Il Paradiso delle Signore for the episode of April 6, 2021. In the episode of the soap broadcast on Rai1 we will see that Umberto, worried about his daughter, will convince Vittorio to call Marta.

Let’s find out together the Advances from The Paradise of the Ladies for the bet of 6 April 2021. Nelle Weft dell’episode airing at 15.55 on Rai1, Sofia pushes Salvatore a lend the money to the father while Gabriella doesn’t know whether to warn Cosimo of the letter from his father Arturo. The Veneri in the meantime they decide to found a “fan club” per support the cyclists of Il Paradiso. Between Adelaide e Fiorenza is now open warfare. The Countess invites Gramini a resign as vice-president of the Circle while Umberto joins Vittorio e urges him to call Marta and resolve the situation.

Anticipations The Paradise of the Ladies: Salvatore grants the loan to Joseph

Giuseppe asked for a loan a Salvatore ma the boy does not trust still totally gods his father’s plans. The Advances from The Paradise of the Ladies of 6 April 2021, they reveal to us that the young Amato will yield all parent’s requests. All thanks to Sofia that, after having received an apology from Joseph, pushes the bartender a lend him the money. They are expected new troubles on the horizon for the family of Agnes, that she will soon be involved in very difficult business to manage. Will they be able to get out of it unscathed? in the meantime Gabriella has discovered Umberto’s secret ma he doesn’t know whether to warn Cosimo. The girl afraid to give a further pain a his husband, which is going through a very difficult period.

Anticipations The Paradise of the Ladies: Adelaide forces Fiorenza to resign

Fiorenza made a mess. The woman, Angry for the Adelaide uprising, decided to reveal to Vittorio the secret of Marta and Dante. Conti’s reaction was obvious but unfortunately for him things have precipitated. The Countess, altered by how the situation has evolved, decides to pass again all’attack. This time Gramini will pay dearly and she it will use all its power per get rid of his rival. He will push it indeed to resign from the her role as vice-president of the Circle. Will Fiorenza accept Di Sant’Erasmo’s kind invitation or will she continue to plot against her and her family? The Venuses instead are organized per found a fans club for i cyclists of Il Paradiso delle Signore.

Umberto convinces Vittorio to call Marta, in the episode of Il Paradiso delle Signore on April 6, 2021

Vittorio had an accident that has him prevented from reaching Paris. Conti has therefore had to give up a talk face to face with his wife. The homecoming, battered and in pain, however, seems to have it convinced a close any communication with Guarnieri. The director of Il Paradiso delle Signore is furious with his consort and it seems to be experiencing a moment of real crisis. Umberto, worried for the daughter’s wedding, decides to take it in hand the situation. He then reaches the son-in-law for convince him not to close in on himself and to call Marta. Vittorio seems to yield to the requests of his father-in-law but the Advances from The Paradise of the Ladies they do not let us hope for the best. There report of the Accounts is really al terminus?

Let’s find out all the weekly advances of Il Paradiso delle Signore from 5 to 9 April 2021

The Paradise of the Ladies goes on the air from Monday to Friday at 15.55 on Rai1.


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