Weather, between Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 July strong thunderstorms in the North

Weather, between Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 July strong thunderstorms in the North
Weather, between Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 July strong thunderstorms in the North

First weekend of July in the sign of hot on Italy, but without the extreme values observed with the recent heatwave in late June. The African anticyclone retreats temporarily to the south, still embracing the extreme southern regions and the major islands where, especially on Sunday, it will be possible to reach peaks around 35-36 degrees. Meanwhile, the northern regions will have to deal with the passage of the disturbance n.1 of the month and, therefore, with a worsening of the weather: the atmospheric instability will be more marked on Sunday, when they develop many thunderstorms, in some cases even intense, associated with hailstorm e gusts of wind. On Monday last notes of instability in the Northeast and along the Apennines and then a new expansion of the sub-tropical high pressure: from Wednesday 7 the second intense one starts heat wave of summer, whose duration is still uncertain at the moment.

Weather forecast for Saturday 3rd July

Saturday in Centrosud and on the Islands mostly weather sunny: the development of heaps in the afternoon along the Apennine ridge and the passage of veils over the central regions. In the north the sky is irregular cloudy, with some more sole in the morning in the Northeast. Between afternoon and evening first showers or blocks temporal in the central-western Alpine sector, occasionally also in the Piedmont plain, extending into Lombardy and Northeast during the night.

Temperature without major variations: values ​​mostly between 28 and 33 degrees, with peaks up to 34-36 degrees on Sardinia and Sicily. Increase theGrandpa al Nord.

Weather forecast for Sunday 4th July

Sunday in the South and on the Islands time sunny, with only some slight velatura. In the center the sky is irregularly cloudy, but with low risk of possible showers and with locally sunny stretches, even large ones. In the north cloudy skies and gradually very unstable weather: the probability of widespread showers and thunderstorms will be greater in the second part of the day, with the risk of intense phenomena, associated with local steps and gusts of wind.

Temperature: peaks falling in the northern regions, but the climate will be sultry; slightly up in Centrosud. Tips up to 35-36 degrees on the extreme southern regions and on the islands.


Weather Saturday Sunday July strong thunderstorms North

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