Giuseppe Conte, a weekend outside Rome. But with telephone and pc

Giuseppe Conte, a weekend outside Rome. But with telephone and pc
Giuseppe Conte, a weekend outside Rome. But with telephone and pc

Simona Granati – Corbis via Getty Images

ROME, ITALY – JUNE 28: Former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte leaves the press conference at the Tempio di Adriano on the future of the Five Star Movement, his leadership project and the problems with sponsor Beppe Grillo on June 28, 2021 in Rome, Italy. (Photo by Simona Granati – Corbis/Getty Images)

He has a habit of stalling, dilating time, in the belief that time is the main ally in letting tensions settle and resolve things. Sometimes he was right, other times he was wrong, for this reason he is admired and laughed at. The fact is that Giuseppe Conte left Rome behind him, with all the chaos of the 5-star Palazzo, for a weekend away from Rome together with his dearest loved ones.

Perhaps a sign, perhaps the simple need to rest after days and weeks spent on the roller coaster of the Statute and concluded after a very hard battle with Beppe Grillo. The pressure for him to come to the assembly to explain the statute continues incessantly, the professor has already said yes, to proselytize in groups and convince even the most skeptical of the goodness of his “political proposal”, starting with Davide Crippa, the group leader Montecitorio who improvised himself as a firefighter. There is really no good blood between the two, who politically have never taken. In the last phone call with Beppe Grillo, one of the sore points that would have been beaten by the former prime minister was the replacement of Crippa, who for his part had long kept the group hiring Rocco Casalino in a bain-marie, succeeding finally to spread at least half of his salary on the Senate budget.

A day has not yet been set, but in any case the parliamentarians will not meet until Monday evening – date and time advocated by many – allowing the former premier to continue weaving his web, between scouting between the big and peons of the party and planning of the next steps. Nobody, absolutely no one, believes that it is possible to mend the tear, but the most optimistic contians still push for the solution of putting the Statute to the vote, a sort of referendum on the two contenders.

Idea already rejected by Grillo, who started the process for the voting of the Steering Committee of five provided for by the current Statute, on a site created for the occasion, Movimento5stelle.ue. Further signs of a rupture by now consummated, and which is only waiting for Conte’s next moves, after the founder has made his own. Moves that may not arrive for seventy-two hours. Maybe with the favor of darkness.


Giuseppe Conte weekend Rome telephone

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