Do you have this social? They probably stole all your data

Do you have this social? They probably stole all your data
Do you have this social? They probably stole all your data

Social again in the eye of the storm. In fact, a hacker would have stolen almost 100% of the Linkedin profiles. Let’s see which ones.

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Here we go again, once again the data of so many people has ended up for sale on the dark web. It is now a fairly common practice. In the eye of the storm as always there are some social networks who see their security system hacked by professional hackers.

This time to end up in the dock is again Linkedin. The platform already 3 months ago had suffered a “theft” of about 500 million profiles. According to what reported by Privacy Sharks, this time the social network would have been robbed of 700 million profiles, in short, almost 100% of the subscribers.

Linkedin: this is how they “robbed” the social network

Apparently a hacker named TomLiner would have updated the previous database on the dark web with more 200 million profiles. Inside there are naturally names, surnames, telephone numbers, emails and various personal information. In some cases there is also the salary of the victim.

The hacker, just to show their reliability, allowed users to view an extract of their “merchandise”. At this point it seems clear to us that almost all subscribers to the platform have suffered data theft. Linkedin he wanted to underline that the profiles were stolen through web scaping.

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This practice involves, through bots, the collection of data in the sunlight of the social which are then aggregated into a single database. In any case, users are enraptured with Linkedin. After what happened three months, they expected that the social network had therefore taken adequate countermeasures to counter the phenomenon. Apparently, however, this was not the case. If you want to check if you have been robbed of your email or not, you can do it at the following site:


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