Men and Women, a new flame for Riccardo Guarnieri? Roberta replies

Men and Women, a new flame for Riccardo Guarnieri? Roberta replies
Men and Women, a new flame for Riccardo Guarnieri? Roberta replies

Roberta Di Padua is certainly one of the protagonists of the parterre of Men and women.

In fact, the lady made a lot of talk about herself especially for the stormy relationship with Riccardo Guarnieri, but now the story between the two faces of daytime has long since ended. Roberta, interviewed by the magazine of Men and women, confessed to feeling much better after a recovery phase, characterized by ups and downs.

The In Padua in fact, she told how her life fluctuates from moments in which her mind is distracted and in which she feels strong, to moments of nostalgia in which the past returns to haunt her.

In recent weeks, a photo he portrayed has been around the web Riccardo hugged to another woman, image published in the Instagram stories by Deianira Marzano. Social media users were divided between those who claimed she was a fan and who a new flame.

Roberta, to the question regarding this photo that caused discussion on the web and to the doubt that it is a fan or a new flirtation of the ex-boyfriend, she preferred not to answer by asking to move on to the next question. A ‘no comment’, that of the lady, who however lets imagine that seeing the photo did not leave her indifferent at all.

The Cassino lady also said she had an excellent relationship with her ex-husband, characterized by serenity and friendship. The man is in fact the father of his son, but immediately after the end of the marriage the feeling that prevailed between the ex couple was anger and resentment. Roberta she told how it was the love for her son that overcame the negativity and helped them build a good relationship.

The In Padua confessed that she would like to maintain a friendly relationship with Riccardo, admitting that she was sorry not to have a confrontation with him in private, outside the television studios, thus leaving the relationship unresolved. The two in fact, according to the lady, would not have heard more.

Roberta then spoke of his beautiful relationship with another face of the program, Valentina Autiero. The two in fact have become very good friends so much so that the ex of Riccardo he called it the most beautiful thing he ever gave her Men and women. Roberta admitted to being very different from Autiero, but to be both real people, who know how to listen.

The beautiful lady finally confessed that she has no problems returning to the studies of the program Maria De Filippi. Roberta in fact, he stressed that he did not do anything wrong, but did not know that he was ready to get back in the game sentimentally, with the risk of seeing his ex Riccardo.

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