Vaccines in the Bergamo area, membership at 77%: the 12-15 year bracket is back, all the numbers

Potentially, 77% of the Bergamo population who can be administered the anti-Covid vaccine (i.e. those over 12) joined the campaign. It lets you know Ats presenting some data updated to 1 July, on the occasion of exceeding the million doses administered in the province of Bergamo, precisely 1,060,131 in the 190 activated vaccine lines. There are 949 for every 1,000 inhabitants, against 897 in Lombardy and 854 in the national figure, respectively 11 and 6% more.

It is good to say “potentially” because 13% of this 77 coincides with a slice of the population that, at the moment, appears to have only booked the vaccine (trivially, someone may not show up for the appointment). Over 71% received the first dose, 30% the second. At the moment, 23% of the population remains out of the countryside: some because of fragile conditions, some because they are still skeptical or obviously opposed to whey.

The largest part of the non-members of the vaccination campaign belongs to the 12-15 age group (70%): the youngest ever, but to whom the possibility of vaccinating was opened even later. A void that the health authorities plan to fill especially in view of the new school year, so as not to resort again to distance learning and classroom quarantine (“we hope to succeed, hardly with both doses, more likely with only one”, said the general manager of Ats, Massimo Giupponi). By the way, on Thursday on the subject of the organization of school public transport a meeting was held in the Prefecture. At present, only 4% of the 16-19 age group received both doses, 22% at least the first. But there is a sizable 54% who turn out to have already made a reservation.

Between the ages of 16 and 59, the percentage of unvaccinated (or who have not yet booked the first dose) fluctuates between 20 and 25%. The higher the age, the more the figure drop: 16% in the 60-69 range, 11% in the 70-79 range, 10% between 80-89 and 17% among the over 90s.

Ats data

“We are aware – commented Giupponi – that citizens have not always fully perceived the complexity and the enormous organizational effort made by all those involved. I want to underline my heartfelt thanks to all our interlocutors who from the first moment made themselves available to the organizational machine – he adds -, contributing in a fundamental way to the success of the most important vaccination campaign in history “.

Ats data
Ats data

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