Harry and Willam of England together for Diana: but is it a staging?

Harry and Willam of England together for Diana: but is it a staging?
Harry and Willam of England together for Diana: but is it a staging?

The two brothers in front of the statue of mother Diana showed themselves smiling. But was it a staging or a real reconciliation? Here’s what the experts say

William and Harry of England reunited after months of frost to commemorate what would have been their mum Diana’s 60th birthday. Apparently, their reconciliation took place in the Sunken Gardens of Kensington Palace (LOOK). A facade peace in favor of cameras? Here’s what the experts say. Look at the photos, and judge too – PHOTO | VIDEO

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“EVERY DAY WE DREAM IT IS WITH US” – “Today, on what would have been our mother’s 60th birthday”, the principles write in a moving message signed by both, “we remember her love, her strength and her character – qualities that have made her a strength of well all over the world, changing countless existences for the better. Every day we dream that he is still with us (PHOTO) and our hope is that this statue will be seen forever as a symbol of his life and heritage ”. Then they add their thanks for the sculptor and for those who made the event possible and for all the people who keep the memory of Lady Diana alive – PHOTOS NEVER SEEN

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SAME POSTURE AND THOSE LOOKS BETWEEN THEM – And never mind if many criticize the work of Ian Rank-Broadley who would not express the ethereal elegance of the princess and portrays her in too classic clothes. In reality, the look would have been taken from the first Christmas card after the separation from Carlo, in 1993, a way to emphasize his independent life and the newfound confidence. Royal observers are interested in the newfound understanding between the two brothers. The signs of reconciliation are as false or sincere as they appear, they ask. Body language expert Judi James explains that Harry and William’s moves speak for themselves: as soon as they saw each other they “tuned” their postures by mirroring each other. And when they lifted the green cloth together to unveil the statue and at the same time observed the sculpted face of their mother, they looked into each other’s eyes, to comfort each other and confirm their unbreakable bond. “Harry turned to William,” says the expert, “and I think that look implies a moment of reconciliation. As if they had said: ‘this is our mother, let’s remember how things were’ ”. In short, they expressed “the brotherly bond they once had”. How long it will last, however, is very early to tell …

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