“First Friday I don’t sign ordinances”

Italy remains all white. And for the first time since October, the Minister of Health will not sign ordinances for the color change of the Regions. Roberto Speranza himself underlines this. “This is a particular Friday. For me Friday has always been a very complicated day, that of the ordinances, because the control room meets, then the CTS and in the afternoon I sign the ordinances with which I have a little at a time, since the autumn of last year, the colors of the Regions have changed. But today is the first Friday, since last autumn, in which I will not be called to sign ordinances “, he said speaking at the meeting ‘Let’s start again, National Health Day and well-being in the cities’, in progress in Rome.

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“As you know – he added – Italy has been all in the white zone since Monday. No reasons have arisen for a change in the status quo. And therefore, for the first time since October, I will not have the need to sign ordinances. positive news so it’s a beautiful day for all of us “, said Speranza who, at the end of his speech, received as a gift a pen from the hands of Enzo Bianco, president of the Anci National Council and president of C14 +, who joked that he did not it will be used to sign ordinances similar to those of the past months.

Speranza points out that “today’s numbers in the control room are very encouraging”. “The incidence rate in 7 days per 100 thousand inhabitants – he said, commenting on today’s data – is 9. We have an Rt of 0.63. A very positive number compared to those we have seen in the past. And there is In recent weeks there has been a very significant reduction not only in the number of infected people, but also in the occupancy of beds. Both in intensive care, where we were about 3,800 places occupied and now we are at 229, therefore with a reduction of over 90 %. And the same thing is true for the medical area: where we had reached almost 30 thousand, now we are just over 1,500. It is the photograph of a country that objectively presents a much improved epidemiological picture – observed the minister – This is the priority consequence of the vaccination campaign, also of the measures we have taken. But the vaccination campaign remains the fundamental weapon to try to put such a difficult season behind us “.

“Having said that – continued Speranza – I continue to ask for maximum attention and maximum prudence, great gradualness. When we decided to reopen, starting from 26 April, we chose a gradual path. And the numbers are saying that the path of gradualness was the right path. And I believe it remains. It would be a very serious mistake to imagine that we have definitively won this battle. We are still in it. ”


Friday dont sign ordinances

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