Milan shock. “Let’s go beat a black man”, the manifesto of the “white supremacist” students

Milan shock. “Let’s go beat a black man”, the manifesto of the “white supremacist” students
Milan shock. “Let’s go beat a black man”, the manifesto of the “white supremacist” students

The ideological poverty is already all in a dialogue between father and son, reported in the order of the investigating judge. They talk about a Walther P38, the pistol produced in Nazi Germany. The father says: “It will be given to you when you take the license, of course to use it with the Communists, the blacks and the fags.” Both laugh, the tone is playful, the investigators underline – but the joke “well expresses the political ideas and ideological feelings” transmitted by the parent. Who is the father of “Commander G”, the nom de guerre chosen by this 20-year-old – defined by the magistrates as “from a good family” – considered the leader of the group dismantled yesterday by Digos in Milan.

WHITE SUPREMATISTS. Four students, two in their twenties and two aged 21: they had called themselves “AR Avant-garde Revolutionary” and, inspired by American supremacist groups, had a dream: the establishment of a new world order of Nazi-fascist origin. And they were planning a sensational action, with the aim of “creating chaos” and achieving the “regeneration of a dictatorship”: the violent beating of a man of foreign origin and Muslim religion, a frequenter of social centers. The target had already been identified, but the police arrived earlier. And he found clubs, batons, balaclavas, as well as propaganda material and photos of Hitler and Mussolini.

THE INQUIRY. The four are all under investigation for propaganda and incitement to crime on grounds of ethnic and religious discrimination. The Digos agents, coordinated by the head of Antiterrorism Alberto Nobili and Enrico Pavone, carried out the restrictive measures of personal freedom in Milan and Trieste (where two of the suspects attend the Faculty of Political Sciences): the four “white supremacists” are been subjected to the obligation of residence and daily signature in a police station.

NAMES OF BATTLE. All four had chosen battle names: in addition to Commander G, there are Commander Major Volpi, who is entrusted with the coordination of the actions of the soldiers and the management of the cash fund, the core leader Breivik, named after the Norwegian neo-Nazi in charge of ‘massacre of Utoya in July 2011: he has operational roles in the organization; and then the soldier Zuch, who must train and radicalize the militants.

ENROLLMENT. The criteria for selecting members are rigid. It is all contained in the document found by the Digos during the searches: a handsome physique, knowledge of basic hand-to-hand combat techniques, an age of no more than 25 and no less than 16, good knowledge of Fascist and National Socialist history. And then: excellent command of Italian, if a fellow countryman; good knowledge of English, if foreign; great will to fight: faith and fanaticism of the idea; disciplined, respectful and polite behavior; healthy lifestyle, prohibited drugs.

THE OATH. Once the selection was passed, there was the oath. Which read like this: “I solemnly swear to be devoted to the idea, to be faithful to the revolutionary vanguard and to entrust my life to my comrades, who likewise entrust themselves to me: thus, I swear to fight without reservation for them and for the idea that I embraced ».

INTERNATIONAL NETWORK. Delusions? No, assures the head of the Nobili anti-terrorism pool: “They weren’t talking, they’re not crazy, just no – said the magistrate – they were trying to build a national network with international connections”. From what emerged, the group wanted to enter the drug and weapons market, but only for the purpose of self-financing.

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