delirious fans await the Special One

delirious fans await the Special One
delirious fans await the Special One

ROME ARRIVAL MOURINHO – The wait is over. 59 days after the announcement today is the day of arrival a Roma of Josè Mourinho. The Portuguese technician will arrive at Ciampino at 2 pm on a charter flight from Lisbon and will then go directly to Trigoria. The quarantine node that could postpone the presentation press conference has yet to be resolved. The Giallorossi club asked the local ASL for the possibility for the technician to travel from home to work in order to start his adventure in the Giallorossi as soon as possible. If not, the Lusitanian would remain in quarantine until Wednesday 7 July. Here are all the updates of this historic day with the arrival of the Special One:

14.10 not only in Ciampino, in Trigoria already 200 fans

Choirs and Giallorossi flags at the “Fulvio Bernardini” sports center in Trigoria, where the arrival of the new Roma coach, Jose ‘Mourinho, is expected. At least 200 fans have already arrived to welcome the Special One which should land in these minutes at Ciampino airport on a private N1F flight of the Friedkin fleet, flown by the president himself. Once in Trigoria, quarantine will start for him and the official presentation is scheduled for the next few days.

2.00 pm the fans in a frenzy: choirs for Roma and Mou, but not only

Smoke bombs, choirs for Rome and against Lazio and Pallotta and then Campo Testaccio. The Roma fans sing and wave the flags, in the side square of Ciampino airport, where at 2 pm the private plane with the new Giallorossi coach Josè Mourinho is expected on board. “We are here for a dream called Mourinho”, “I came with the means from Guidonia Montecelio”, say the fans between one choir and another. According to what transpires, except out of the program, Mourinho will get on one of the vans made available by the company to immediately reach the center of the Giallorossi company Trigoria where Mourinho, according to what we learn, should spend the 5-day quarantine by virtue of a stay in the Kingdom United in recent days. However, the arrival of the “Special One” should be scheduled for 15:00.

1.40 pm: the wait rises, the fans populate Ciampino

Very little is missing for Mourinho’s landing in Ciampino. The plane will land on the runway in moments. In the meantime Roma fans continue to arrive with banners dedicated to the “Special One”. There are currently 250 Capitoline supporters.

12.34: the Fans begin to arrive in Ciampino

The wait is about to end: the landing of the “Special One”Is getting closer and closer. Just under an hour from the arrival of Mourinho, the first fans of the Roma. Currently there are about a hundred supporters complete with banners: one of these plays habeMOUs Papam! The protagonist of these words is Riccardo who wanted to release these words: “I am a Roman, a Roma player but above all a fan of Mourinho. In 11 years I have followed him to Manchester, London and Madrid. Having him here for me is the realization of a dream “.

11.50 am: Dan Friedkin driving the plane that will take Josè Mourinho to Rome

The president of the Roma, Dan Friedkin, he wanted to take it in person Josè Mourinho in Lisbon. The American tycoon will drive the aircraft which should arrive at Ciampino Pastine airport at 2 pm.

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11.04 am the departure of the Special One from Lisbon

Josè Mourinho, through his Instagram profile, he posted a photo at the airport before leaving for Ciampino. The technician will arrive in the capital at 2 pm.

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9.09 am Mourinho greets the Giallorossi fans before arriving in Ciampino

Before arriving at Ciampino airport, Josè Mourinho he wanted to greet the fans of the Roma through a tweet on the official profile of the Giallorossi club. Here are the words of the coach: “Roma fans I’m coming!”

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