Serie A, no “stew” championship: strike risk

The A league threatens the lockout: stadiums open 100% for all vaccinated, or the next championship does not start. It was another fiery Assembly yesterday. But not on the “stew”, a theme that yesterday was (definitively?) Shelved, and above all without internal splits. On the contrary, this time the clubs were all on the same side in contesting the government’s choice to start next season with the public in attendance, but only at 25%. “Not below that quota”, had specified the Undersecretary of Health Costa last January 22.

Serie A: “Who is vaccinated free access to the stadium”

According to A league, however, it is no longer a question of percentages: those who are vaccinated must be granted free access to the stadium, without limits, while those who are not must not be able to enter. Yesterday evening, this request was reported in a statement with only apparently contained tones. The threat of strike, albeit veiled, is in fact contained in the sentence: “To start the next championship, and not to ignore the desire of 38 million fans, the clubs of A, unanimously, require a meeting with the Prime Minister with the utmost urgency Mario Draghi, with the Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti and with the Undersecretary for Sport Valentina Vezzali“. Now it is a question of waiting for the government’s response. Yesterday, as stated, the climate was incandescent. With Precious, Ferrero e de Laurentiis – after Wednesday’s words, he essentially moved on to facts – particularly fervent, so much so that he hypothesized that he did not even fill in the calendars. At the moment this hypothesis has been discarded: the ceremony has been set for next 14 July (some locations are already being evaluated) and will be broadcast on dazn. However, the discontent is increasingly concrete, with companies denouncing a “crisis that is no longer bearable” and complaining about the government’s lack of interest in the sector which has been excluded from any type of refreshment, despite “the damage of 1 billion and 200 million euros suffered so far by the clubs as a result of the pandemic”, As mentioned in the note.

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Serie A “stew” will no longer be offered

Finally, as stated, there was not even a vote on the so-called “stew”. The clubs, in fact, have implemented the advice of the ad Servant, who underlined how, based on his insights, held against the tensions between Dazn-Sky (last episode the appeal to the Antitrust of the TV Santa Giulia), there are no conditions to bring the windows for matches to 10, on pain of the risk of going into litigation. Unless there are surprises, therefore, the theme will no longer be proposed again.

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Serie stew championship strike risk

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