piercing rome: THE BEST 5 STUDIES – OcchioChe

piercing rome: THE BEST 5 STUDIES – OcchioChe
piercing rome: THE BEST 5 STUDIES – OcchioChe

tag: piercing rome – In the summer more and more people want a piercing.

There are many areas of the body that women and men love to pierce to decorate them with jewelry:ear, cartilage, nostril, nasal septum, up to the piercing all navel or that more and moreù required to the nipple, which is useful ed is also recommended by some doctors to solve the problem of the inverted nipple.

In this period then, many are the very young who want to be given by their own parents a piercing to celebrate school promotion.


It must be said that, unlike the tattoo, there are no restrictions after theperforming a piercing in theexpose yourself to the sun and swim in the sea or in the pool, following the instructions that the piercer will provideat after the procedure.
Here are some important indications for theexecution of a piercing in absolute safety, even for parents who want to give one to their children: here are the best centers in Rome:

Al first place overall we find Il Tribal Tattoo Studio in via Cassia 1134a, Rome RM (www.tribaltattoostudio.com) where piercings have been performed for 30 years since Marco Manzo ,that is also teacher of hygiene, safety and tattoo and piercing technique in professional courses since their establishment: all materials are compliant and the rules are followed to the letter, as is the case in authorized piercing centers: in addition to the use ofsterile and disposable cannula needle, the materials used are bio-compatible (medical grade surgical steel, teflon, titanium, bio-plastic), as required by the UNI EN 1811: 2011 standard, discarded together with all the necessary instruments in front of the customer.

Other recommended piercing centers in the capital are:

2) ARAB FENICE TATTOO AND PIERCING Via delle Acacie, 52 / A, Rome RM


3) BLOODY ANVIL TATTOO Via Laurentina, 3h, Roma RM


4) Sweet Mamba Tattoo  Via Portuense, 297 A, Roma RM


5) The Bad Church – Tattoo & Piercing Vicolo del Bologna, 13,

Another important aspect to consider, is that relating to ageat gods minors who wanted to get a piercing: the pratica is prohibited under 14 years of ageat, fat the exception of the earlobe only with the informed consent given personally by the owners la patria potestat. For children under 18, over 14, however, piercings other than the lobe can be performed only with the informed consent given personally by the exercisers of the power.at parental.

The professional piercers alreadyat they used to follow for ethical reasons and for a sort of self-regulation these prescriptions, but seeing them converted into law (as is recently occurred in the Lazio Region, law n.2 of 03/03/21) certainly is indispensable for the fight against illegal activities and to prevent minors from turning to unqualified and abusive people to carry out this practice which, we remind you, if not performed in suitable structures canò cause even serious health problems.

Also whyis in fact, this law rewards those who have always worked in the open, allowing even those aged 14 to 18 to be able to do, for example, with the consent of their parents, any type of piercing safely.

The choice of the Region is suitable to prevent young people, rejected by professionals, from turning to unauthorized people.

We therefore reiterate to contact only authorized piercing centers, which can reduce the risks associated with this practice to zero as indicated in the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.at from 1998.

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