Son: ‘The doses are there, let’s keep the pace 500 thousand a day’ – Healthcare

Son: ‘The doses are there, let’s keep the pace 500 thousand a day’ – Healthcare
Son: ‘The doses are there, let’s keep the pace 500 thousand a day’ – Healthcare

“The doses are absolutely sufficient to maintain the average rate of 500 thousand doses per day that will lead us at the end of September to reach the goal of 80% of Italians, vaccinated, vaccinated. I want to reassure you, the doses are there and with these doses we will be able to able to ensure the achievement of the objectives “. Thus the extraordinary commissioner for the anti-Covid vaccination campaign, General Francesco Figliuolo, on the sidelines of his visit to the Giglio Island for the conclusion of the mass vaccination campaign for the smaller Covid free islands. “We have the doses for everyone, then if someone thought of finishing the campaign at the end of July to say that he is the best of all, he will not be able to do it but must end like the others at the end of September”.

“Today is a particular Friday: Friday has always been complicated for me because ordinances are signed for the regions, but this is the first Friday since last autumn in which I will not be called to sign ordinances: Italy is all white and there have been no changes to the status quo, so I will not need to sign any other ordinances “. This was stated by the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, who spoke at the ‘Ripartiamo’ initiative on the occasion of the National Day for health and well-being in cities.

“Today’s numbers in the control room are very encouraging. It is the photograph of a country with a much improved epidemiological picture, a consequence of the vaccination campaign that remains the fundamental weapon to get behind this season”. However, he warned, “I continue to ask for maximum caution and the numbers tell us that the path of gradualness is the right one”. “We are still in this battle and there is a need for great caution. We need graduality because the game is still open and woe to think otherwise.”

Today zero deaths from Covid in Lombardy, it had not happened since 6 October. This was announced by the Vice President and Councilor for Welfare of the Lombardy Region, Letizia Moratti, on her Twitter profile. “Then the autumn and the variations made us fall back into the nightmare. Now we can look to the future with more hope, the importance of maintaining prudent behavior and adhering to the vaccination campaign remains” writes Moratti.

The reduction of the national RT continues to 0.63 compared to 0.69 last week and the incidence of Covid cases in Italy still drops to 9 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants compared to 11 7 days ago. According to what is learned, the data contained in the Iss-Ministry of Health week monitoring draft on the progress of coronavirus infections in Italy, now under examination in the control room, which will be presented today.

Although new cases are decreasing overall, the proportion of cases of SARS-CoV-2 virus infection caused by delta and kappa variants (the latter was part of the variate delta family and is now distinct) is increasing in Italy, indicates the draft weekly monitoring Iss-Ministry of Health. Most of these cases are attributable to localized outbreaks in various parts of the country. Given the increase in cases even in countries with high vaccination coverage, the technicians in the document ask for widespread tracking and sequencing of cases and high vaccination coverage with the completion of cycles.

All Regions and autonomous provinces are at low risk and none exceeds the critical occupancy threshold for beds in the intensive care or medical area, according to the data in the Covid Iss-Ministry of Health monitoring draft. The employment rate in intensive care is 3% (the critical threshold is 30%) with a decrease in the number of hospitalized people which goes from 362 (22/06/2021) to 240 (29/06/2021). The employment rate in medical areas nationwide drops further and stands at 3% (critical threshold 40%). The number of people hospitalized in these areas goes from 2,289 (22/06/2021) to 1,676 (29/06/2021).

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