Europeans, Italy-Belgium: in Monaco race to the ticket, 10,000 Azzurri in the stands

Europeans, Italy-Belgium: in Monaco race to the ticket, 10,000 Azzurri in the stands
Europeans, Italy-Belgium: in Monaco race to the ticket, 10,000 Azzurri in the stands

The Allianz Arena is open to 14,500 fans. Only 1000 coupons to the federations, the others sold in Germany and Bavaria live 50 thousand compatriots …

From our correspondent Andrea Elefante

2nd of July
– Munich (Ger)

Sold out in a few hours. Only 14,500 spectators for a challenge that could have been destined to 75,000 is one of the many jokes that Covid has made to this European, but so be it: capacity reduced to 20%, the rules in Bavaria are these and we know them well. We can console ourselves in this way: according to an obviously approximate calculation, 70-80% of the Allianz Arena (pardòn, tonight will be only Football Arena Munich: the names of the sponsors at the European Championships are banned) will cheer Italy. And if it had been possible, those 14,500 – and even more – would have all been Italians.

The hunt for the ticket on the Uefa website was very short given the speed of the exhaustion of availability, but he immediately sought other ways. Many jokes by word of mouth, lucky for those who had a ticket and chose to make money with it. In a few hours the prices have flown: in some cases there are always those who are willing to go crazy. Type: pay on Ebay or specialized online sites between 600 and 1200 euros for an entrance that could be purchased “officially” with a cost of between 75 and 225 euros. Those who did not make it, are organizing to cheer Mancini’s team at home, or in any case in places that can easily be used for meetings with a sufficient guarantee of security: on the Facebook group most frequented by Italians in Munich, once the topic is exhausted “Who has tickets for the game?”, We moved on to “Where do we see her?”.

We cheer on Italy

But why will the Arena be almost entirely Italian tonight? There are no official data, not even Uefa has any because it is impossible to establish with certainty the nationality of the holders of tickets that are easily transferable, even by e-mail. Of the 14,500 tickets available for entry to the stadium, net of the Uefa budget, at least one thousand have been allocated to the two federations (Belgian and Italian) and one thousand to the local committee (i.e. the German federation, plus the organizing committee that belongs to the city and Munich football clubs). The other 11,000 or so that remain have found legitimate owners after a draw carried out among the 60,000 buyers of the pre-emergency Covid. Many, one can suppose, among German fans, given that Germany could have played here. And one can also imagine that, remaining in those pockets, it will be neutral fans up to a certain point: it is more likely that the Germans will cheer Italy, rather than Belgium. But now that the home team has been eliminated, it is likely that those tickets have ended up in Italian hands from German hands. And there’s more: from Italy to Monaco you can arrive with an uncomplicated journey, and which can be easily done by car. In times of Covid it is a detail that makes all the difference in the world.

The retreat hotel

It is estimated that between Monaco and its surroundings there are about 50,000 Italians: perhaps more, even if calculations of this kind are always complicated. On the other hand, it is not complicated to hear Italian spoken in the city even more than usual, in these days of waiting for the quarterfinal match. Surely yesterday, before lunchtime, outside the Infinity hotel, when the Italian national team was greeted with great enthusiasm by an advance of Azzurri fans, who already today will be many and many more in the city. Mask, green pass or tampon made in the last 24 hours, red bracelet as a signal of “everything ok” and the tricolor flag: tonight, at least in the stands, this is how you win.

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