Piacenza, all unfaithful carabinieri convicted: 12 years in Montella

Piacenza, all unfaithful carabinieri convicted: 12 years in Montella
Piacenza, all unfaithful carabinieri convicted: 12 years in Montella

Sentences of 3 years and 4 months up to 12 years for the infidel carabinieri of Piacenza, men whom the chief prosecutor of Piacenza, Grazia Pradella, had not hesitated to define as “traitors of the state”. In the trial with shortened rite, before the judge Fiammetta Modica, the sentences inflicted on the five defendants satisfy the accusation.

For Giuseppe Montella, considered the leader of the group, the highest sentence: 12 years, the prosecution had asked for 16 years, one month and 10 days. He admitted his responsibilities – admitting that he took part in most of the approximately 60 episodes contained in the indictment (for events that took place from October 2018 to June 2020) – but has always claimed that he did not act alone. Lower penalties for others.

Sentenced – always to penalties lower than the demands of the prosecution – the contracted officer Salvatore Cappellano to 8 years (the request was 14 years, 5 months and 10 days), 6 years for his colleague Giacomo Falanga (13 years the request for sentence ), 4 years for Marco Orlando (5 years the request) at the time commander of the station in via Caccialupo. For Daniele Spagnolo the lower sentence is 3 years and 4 months (request from the power of attorney 7 years and 8 months).

Attorney Pradella is tired but satisfied. “The accusatory system has held up in full,” she said when contacted by Adnkronos.

Less than a year after the handcuffs and the seizure of the Levante barracks – the first time in Italy – the verdict arrives against those who with behavior of “exceptional gravity have offended the carabinieri who work in silence and with a spirit of service”, the words used by the chief prosecutor in the indictment last April. In the Piacenza Expo classroom, transformed into a court to comply with anti Covid regulations, before the Gup Modica, it was prosecutor Antonio Colonna who rebuilt “the Levante system” and explained the responsibilities of all the accused “blinded by the arrogance of those who he believes himself above the rules “, capable of maintaining a parallel system made up of lies, seizures of drugs sold through trusted pusher, of ‘engineered’ arrests to increase statistics, of beatings in such a way as to configure torture . The contempt shines through in listing the alleged offenses committed by the five carabinieri who have chosen the abbreviated one – it allows the reduction of a third of the sentence – to defend against a string of crimes ranging from drug dealing to embezzlement, from forgery to injuries to torture.

“There are people who wear uniforms with honor and for this reason reading these facts is a source of humiliation and shame. I dedicate my speech to these valiant women and men”, one of the passages of the intervention before the civil parties, including some associations of carabinieri. The reasons will be announced in 90 days.

Carabinieri weapon

“In relation to the first degree sentence issued today by the Court of Piacenza against soldiers already active at the Piacenza Levante Station”, the Carabinieri Corps “once again expresses its pain on a very serious matter as it is unacceptable that the carabinieri may behave unacceptable and of unprecedented gravity and harm the interests of citizens “.

“With ascertained responsibility, there will be no discounts for anyone. Whoever makes a mistake – reads a note from the Carabinieri – will pay not only on the criminal level, but also on the civil one (also with compensation for economic damage) and disciplinary. in due course, military personnel were immediately suspended from service and other more serious measures will be adopted if there is a definitive sentence of conviction.

The Arma, in the ongoing proceedings, “has filed a civil action out of respect for the citizens and the more than 100,000 carabinieri who work every day with personal sacrifice and risk alongside the Italians. Following the events in Piacenza, the Arma in compliance with the principle of institutional transparency, has strongly strengthened the command action at all hierarchical levels and has adopted more modern methods to increase the effectiveness of controls. to strengthen the constant verification of the functioning of the departments up to the station level and further initiatives have been adopted for staff training “.

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