US Boy Scouts offer $ 850 million in compensation to victims of sexual harassment

02 July 2021 11:43

The compensation offer comes after the nonprofit filing for bankruptcy. For the victims’ lawyers “this is the largest abuse case in the United States”

Documents of abusers made available – “No deal would ever have done full justice to the victims,” ​​plaintiffs’ attorney Jordan Merson said. “What we want to achieve is the best possible for these people.” On the part of Bsa, in addition to the money, all the documents relating to the subjects involved in the abuses were made available to the judicial authorities. According to Douglas Kennedy, vice-president of the association of survivors, “this will serve to ensure that anyone who has been an abuser cannot find a place in other associations”.

The first scandal in 2012 – It is certainly not the first time that the BSA has been called to answer for crimes of sexual abuse. About ten years ago, in 2012, the association was forced to make public the so-called “perversion files”, internal documents where the scout leaders who harassed the boys were reported. The documentation contained testimonies, reports and letters from worried parents. In theory, these lists were used to report offenders to other associations and prevent them from working. Later it was discovered instead that the BSA did not report the cases of abuse with the favor of the police.

The change of law in 2019 – The huge amount of compensation claims comes as a result of a legislative change. Before this turning point, in the state of New York for example, a minor victim of sexual violence was obliged to report the fact by the age of 23. With the advent of the “Child Victim Act,” passed in 2018 and going into effect in 2019, lawmakers have given all victims one year to report harassment they have received in the past, regardless of age restrictions. Following this change, more than 90,000 complaints came against the Boy Scout association alone.


Boy Scouts offer million compensation victims sexual harassment

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