Vodafone launches the Special 50 Digital Edition offer at 7 euo per month

Vodafone launches the Special 50 Digital Edition offer at 7 euo per month
Vodafone launches the Special 50 Digital Edition offer at 7 euo per month

The game of tariffs and special offers is played throughout the summer. During this period, promotions usually flock.

Vodafone launches a new promotional campaign with the aim of bringing back old customers who for one reason or another have changed managers in recent months. The offer is one of those really interesting, capable of placing the company leader in the telephony sector in a position of clear advantage over the usual competitors. The offer, as mentioned, is all for the benefit of former customers, who will thus be able to embrace their old one again brand name.

Special 50 Digital Edition is dedicated so in advance mainly to old customers who want to return to Vodafone. The offer can be activated both online and at one of the Vodafone centers on the national territory. The offer includes unlimited minutes to all national fixed and mobile numbers, SMS unlimited to all national numbers and 50 Giga of data traffic up to 4G at a truly exceptional price, € 7 per month.

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Vodafone launches the summer offer: benefits also for new customers

If you have not already been a Vodafone customer, the opportunity remains almost unchanged, with the offer that can be subscribed to 7.50 per month. An initiative that sees Vodafone in a clearly dominant position with respect to other managers for the quality of the service and promotions offered. But that’s not all, the new offers of the company with the red logo also concern a series of advantages that can be used in a different way than usual, small options. There is the possibility, for example, to take advantage of internet even if it is not possible to renew the offer due to lack of credit.

Or with the addition of a few euros, you can activate the option that allows you to talk, in short, to have the possibility of using 60 minutes (30 incoming and 30 outgoing) and 500MB per day in Switzerland, Turkey, Albania, Principality of Monaco, San Marino e United States d’America.

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Number one contender for Vodafone in the last period it is Iliad that in the last weeks has placed on the market equally convincing offers of excellent workmanship and convenience. However, the company’s customers are dissatisfied with the fact that they cannot take advantage of these offers since they are already part of the family Iliad. The habit of dedicating offers and promotions exclusively to new customers seems to have particularly hurt them users, who now promise battle, with the Codacons which has already reported and denounced what happened several times.

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