Chiara Gualzetti, after the murder the messages of the 16-year-old offender confessed to a friend: “I did it, she hit my nerves”

02 July 2021 10:48

A few minutes after the crime, the 16-year-old sends the audio to a girl. She is initially bewildered and doesn’t understand. Then, after the news of the disappearance, he tells everything to the carabinieri

The girl who received those texts, writes the “Repubblica”, is initially bewildered, she does not understand what she is talking about. Only after Chiara’s disappearance would he tell his parents about those audio, and then go to the carabinieri.

Those vowels were sent shortly after 10 on Sunday morning and are added to the other messages, which the investigators have already reported, those in which the boy writes: “Sunday I will kill a girl, I was already about to lose control , so I had to make a pact with him (the devil ed) and at least I quenched his thirst a little “.


Chiara Gualzetti murder messages #16yearold offender confessed friend hit nerves

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