“Outbreaks in various parts of the country”

“Outbreaks in various parts of the country”
“Outbreaks in various parts of the country”

The draft weekly monitoring Iss-Ministry of Health indicated that the proportion of cases of SARS-CoV-2 virus infection caused by delta variants e kappa (the second was part of the variate delta family and is now distinct) is increasing in Italy. Although new cases are decreasing in absolute terms, infections of this type continue to occur, most of which can be attributed to outbreaks in various parts of the country. The technicians in the document ask, given the increase in cases even in countries with high vaccination coverage, a extensive tracking and sequencing of cases and high vaccination coverage with completion of courses.

Covid Italy, the data

All Regions and autonomous provinces are a low risk and none exceeds the critical occupancy threshold for ICU or medical area beds. The employment rate in intensive care is 3% (the critical threshold is 30%) with a decrease in the number of hospitalized people passing from 362 (22/06/2021) to 240 (29/06/2021). The employment rate in medical areas nationwide drops further and stands at 3% (critical threshold 40%).

Green pass, from RSA to discos: certification is still not enough. The EU line: one dose is not enough

The number of people hospitalized in these areas goes from 2,289 (22/06/2021) to 1,676 (29/06/2021). The data are in the Covid Iss-Ministry of Health monitoring draft. The reduction of the national RT continues to 0.63 compared to 0.69 last week and the incidence of Covid cases in Italy still drops to 9 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants compared to 11 7 days ago.


Outbreaks parts country

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