“Saman Abbas mangled in a pigsty, do you know whose fault it is?” – Free Daily

“Saman Abbas mangled in a pigsty, do you know whose fault it is?” – Free Daily
“Saman Abbas mangled in a pigsty, do you know whose fault it is?” – Free Daily

Saman Abbas she died because she wanted to be Italian. “The MEP of the Democratic Party Pina Picierno, in connection with Paolo Del Debbio a Front and back on Rete 4, he points the finger at the shortcomings of the Italian State, guilty, according to him, of not having sufficiently protected the 18-year-old of Pakistani origin who was killed and made to disappear by the family who considered her too “Western”.

However, in Del Debbio’s studio there is also Giuseppe Cruciani, always very lucid and hard on the horror of Novellara, which replies blow by blow to the theses of Picierno. “The Italian state may have had lack of control, but the girl was not killed by the Italian state. If it is true that she was killed, it is said in a porcilaia and for this the body is not found because it was mangled, the fault is not of the Italian state but of some criminal murderer, most likely the uncle, who made it disappear. There has been some lack, the carabinieri have had some possibly underestimated reports, but this is another matter “.

“Second point – continues the conductor of The mosquito on Radio 24 -, the question of citizenship is meaningless. One can argue about the Ius soli, but it is not that if Saman had been Italian for one or two years, her uncle would not have killed her. That family didn’t want to integrate, they lived in a world of their own and not because they were hippies, but because they were Muslims of a certain type“. An underlining, this, that does not go down to those who like the other guest Hasnain Abbas Bhatti, in the studio, he prefers to focus not on religion, but on “patriarchy which is also in Italy “.

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Saman Abbas mangled pigsty fault Free Daily

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