Goodbye Cashback, but the Lottery continues

Goodbye Cashback, but the Lottery continues
Goodbye Cashback, but the Lottery continues

The official communication following the Cabinet today sanctions (as assumed on the eve) the suspension of the Cashback program. This is the short text in which the decision was summarized:

In addition, the cashback and supercashback program is suspended in the second half of 2021 and the resources that become available as a result are intended to finance reform measures in the field of social safety nets.

There are two important elements that emerge from the statement of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

Stop al cashback

First of all, we are talking about mere Suspension. By doing so, the Government is able to divert funds from an already financed measure in order to support another, in this case by removing money from the Cashback to reserve it for new social safety nets. Furthermore, the word “suspension” does not determine a formal rejection, simply leaving the project pending without countersigning any judgment. The problem is thus postponed for six months, a period that in time of a pandemic, and in the temporal perspective of Italian politics, represents roughly a geological era.

The Receipt Lottery continues

The second point that is noted is the absence of the Receipt Lottery from the provision. In fact, the suspension does not concern the entire Cashless Italia Plan, but only Cashback (10% of the sums spent with 50 transactions, up to a maximum of 150 euros) e Super Cashback (1500 euros to the 100 thousand citizens who made more digital transactions in the reference period). The lottery, therefore, can continue without suspensions and the receipts that will be registered tomorrow will be able to regularly compete in the first weekly draw in July, the monthly draw and the final 1 million euro draw.

The decision in extremis

In the end, in short, the government decided to decide. However, he did so discreetly, without failing, once again in the wake of that balance of weights and measures that an executive based on an incredibly large and heterogeneous majority must maintain. The Cashback is on the bench for 6 months, we will talk about it again in December in view of the Budget Law and the predictable tensions for an upcoming electoral round. It would be useful here to have impact assessments that at this moment, by the admission of the Ministry of Finance, are not yet available.

It is the numbers, even before politics, that give a formal judgment on Cashback, net of prejudices, botched analyzes and ideological conflicts.

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