Mottarone: the investigation widens, another 11 suspects – Chronicle

Mottarone: the investigation widens, another 11 suspects – Chronicle
Mottarone: the investigation widens, another 11 suspects – Chronicle

The investigation into the Mottarone cable car accident that last 23 May caused fourteen victims is widening. In fact, there are fourteen suspects listed in the request for an evidentiary incident, including two companies, Ferrovie del Mottarone and Leitner, which took care of the maintenance of the plant.

Eleven suspects are therefore added to the three arrested and then released from prison in the days following the accident, namely the cable car manager, Luigi Nerini, the operating manager Enrico Perocchio, and the head of service Gabriele Tadini, the only one under house arrest. . These include Anton Seeber, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Leitner, Martin Leitner, Managing Director of the same company. And again Peter Rabanser, executive in charge of Leitner’s Customer Service, delegate for the environment and safety relating to cableways. Among the new suspects also Rino Fanetti, a Leitner employee, who performed the cast head of the upper hauling rope of cabin 3 which crashed on 23 May.

Among the suspects also Alessandro Rossi of Sateco srl, “who personally carried out the magneto-inductive tests in November 2019”, and Davide Moschitti, which on behalf of the same company carried out the control in November 2020.
Federico Samonini is also investigated, legal representative of SCF Monterosa srl, “which carried out maintenance and visual inspection of the cast heads” and replaced them at maturity “, with the exception of the cast head of the crashed cabin 3, whose replacement was scheduled for November 2021.

There is also Rino Fanetti, “Leitner employee” who “on 22 November 2016 executed the cast head of the upper hauling cable of cabin 3” among the new suspects. Among the other suspects are Fabrizio Pezzolo, legal representative of Rvs Srl, who took care of the “maintenance of the hydraulic power packs” and his employee Davide Marchetto, “technical manager of the cableways”.

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