Delta and Kappa variant in Italy, infections increase

Delta and Kappa variant in Italy, infections increase
Delta and Kappa variant in Italy, infections increase

But most of these cases, the ISS writes in the weekly report, “are attributable to limited outbreaks”

Delta and Kappa variant of the coronavirus, infections in Italy increase. This is underlined by the ISS in the report drawn up with the Ministry of Health on monitoring data for the period 21-27 June. “Although in absolute terms the new cases of are decreasing – writes the ISS in the draft of the report -, the proportion of cases of infection with Sars-Cov-2 virus caused by Delta and Kappa variants is increasing in Italy. part of these cases is attributable to limited outbreaks reported in various parts of the country “.

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“Since the Delta variant is leading to an increase in cases even in countries with high vaccination coverage, it is advisable to carry out a capillary tracing and sequencing of cases”, is highlighted again in the draft. “It is necessary to achieve a high vaccination coverage and the completion of vaccination cycles to prevent further recurrences of episodes of increased circulation of the virus supported by emerging variants with greater transmissibility”, the draft reads again.

“On the basis of ECDC data and forecasts, the presence of outbreaks caused by the delta viral variant in Italy and the current vaccination coverage, attention should be kept high, as well as applying and respecting the necessary measures to avoid an increase in viral circulation “.


Delta Kappa variant Italy infections increase

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