Roberta Capua moved to tears

At “L’Estate in Direct” on Rai 1, Roberta Capua, flanked by Gianluca Semprini, interviewed the mother of Luana D’Orazio, the worker killed in May by a malfunctioning warper. The presenter was unable to hold back the emotion. Also exciting is the story of the former fencing champion Elisa Di Francisca who spoke of a violent love story with a man and a special friendship with a woman. Today the former sportswoman has fulfilled her dream of building a family: she has a husband and two children.

“Summer live”, conducted on Rai 1 by Roberta Capua and Gianluca Semprini, replaces in the summer season “Live Life” by Alberto Matano, which will return in September.

During one of the initial episodes of the broadcast, which began this week, the presenter Roberta Capua – back in Rai and received with great affection and esteem by the public after more than 15 years of absence, as a presenter, from the flagship of Viale Mazzini – she did not hide her emotion by addressing a delicate area of ​​the program.

Live summer: the story of Luana D’Orazio

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One of the cases that most affected public opinion recently was undoubtedly the death of the young woman Luana D’Orazio, who died on 3 May in the workplace, got caught in the warp roller in the textile company where she worked in Montemurlo, in the province of Prato.

Luana would have turned 23 at the end of June. For the occasion, in the studio of “Summer live”, the victim’s mother and boyfriend were invited.

Luana – explained the mother of the young woman – had a little son and also took care of her brother spastic tetraparesis.

To an excited and moved one Roberta Capua the lady explained that to the grandson, Alessio, he told the truth, that his mother died from a machine.

“I explained to him that he cannot go back, but that God takes good people to heaven.”

Summer live: the revelations of Elisa Di Francisca

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Another intense interview was that of a Elisa Di Francisca, former Olympic champion fencer author of theautobiography “Down the mask” in which he also recounts a painful episode in his life.

The former sportswoman said that her ex brutalized her.

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“It was my first love, I was 18. He wanted me all to himself, he wanted a phone card just for himself, he didn’t want me to do fencing. When he tried to get his hands on me, I left. He risked disfiguring me. Run away from these people, it is not love ”.

Elisa Di Francisca he also revealed another unpublished fact of his private life.

After a time when she didn’t want to know about men anymore, Elisa had a special friendship with a policewoman, but then told her I wanted a husband and a child.

Today, the champion is married to Ivan Villa and has two children, Hector (4 years) e Brando, born in May.

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