Non-qualified teachers with 36 months: Pd and Lega ask to hire them, M5s opens on support. Palazzo Chigi adamant

Palazzo Chigi, seat of the Government

The confrontation in the Budget Committee of the Chamber of amendments to the Sostegni Bis decree: the most anticipated are undoubtedly those on Gps, with cancellation or reduction of the three years of service for the first-tier hires, and with the use of the second band, with consequent preparation of the qualifying or specialization courses in the trial year. But there are also proposals for changes to reduce the number of pupils per class, increase the staff and enlarge provisional allocations (all measures, however, more difficult to implement, because in the meantime the school administration has organized itself with the parameters in force) .

In any case, the requests, produced in several versions and also by different groups of the majority, have overcome the first obstacle of feasibility. But based on what we learn, the final opinion is not so affected by the usual inevitable vetoes of the Mef, but above all the order of immobility started from Palazzo Chigi. The same one that just over 40 days ago had signed an agreement with the trade unions: the Pact for Schools, however, had a very short life, since only a few hours later a text, the decree law 73, was dismissed by the Council of Ministers. with decidedly modest contents, at least compared to that agreement.

The result is that on the eve of the vote by the Budget Committee of the Chamber on those requests, by several parliamentarians close to the government – Pd and Lega – the explicit request arrives to change articles 58 and 59 of the Legislative Decree. Also part of the M5s it would have “softened”. With some exponents now aligned, especially on support. Virtually everyone argues that effective measures are needed. And that those approved by the CDM must be reviewed. First of all, enlarging the audience of alternates to be hired in the role. Starting with the support teachers.

Home: specialize immediately on support

“Last December – said the Hon. Vittoria Casa, president of the Culture, Science and Education Committee in the Chamber -, an amendment to my first signature to the latest budget law introduced the possibility, through simplified procedures, of place all those who have a specialization qualification in the role. Today, an amendment to the Sostegni Bis decree opens the way to the same procedure and has the transversal support of the entire majority ”.

Casa recalled that Istat data tell us “that last year Dad substantially excluded one in four disabled students. Starting the school year with trained support teachers would mean giving an answer to these girls and boys ”.

Inclusion “towards the frail and people with disabilities is a priority commitment that the government has repeatedly reiterated in the Chamber. A commitment that I expect will be maintained with the approval of the amendment and the swift entry into the role of specialized teachers ”Concluded Casa.

The pressing of the Democratic Party

It is also pressing the Pd. After the distancing from the M5s in recent days, the dem have requested and obtained a majority meeting with the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi: “It served to discuss the amendments to the Sostegni bis decree on school matters. We believe that with this provision we can and should do more for Italian school education ”, they later explained Rosa Maria Di Giorgi, leader of the Pd group in the Culture Committee, e Flavia Piccoli Nardelli, of the presidency of the Pd Group in the Chamber.

Verducci: yes to a permanent majority table

The next day another dem, Francesco Verducci, vice president of the Culture and Education Commission, he said that “everything must be done to ensure that the school part of the support-bis decree is changed and improved. Otherwise it would be a heavy political defeat for the majority forces supporting the government. If the text remained the same it would be insufficient compared to the enormity of the open questions “.

For Verducci “the stabilization procedure must be absolutely extended to all precarious workers who have completed 36 months of service. Government and political forces listen to the proposals of the trade unions ”.

The Democrat argues that “in these decisive hours” for the decree it is necessary to organize “a permanent majority table to modify the Sostegni decree and to lay the foundations for a specific provision on the school that reforms recruitment and relaunches the strengthening of the staff “.

Pittoni: a transversal majority is needed

Also Mario Pittoni, Head of the League’s Education Department and vice-president of the Culture Commission, he called for the setting up of “a transversal majority that opens the way to a School decree in which to insert all that is needed to guarantee students a service that is up to the situation, starting from the training courses enabling the teachers, suspended for no reason since 2014 “.

“The law – explains Pittoni – extends to teachers relegated to the second tier, most of the time due to breaches of the State, the possibility of competing for the inclusion in the role, without absurd preselective tests which would lengthen the time making the measure impracticable. Objective: to ensure adequate coverage of vacant and available positions, already funded “.

All this, said Pittoni, would be “in line with the European Union, which offers two principles that Italy is also required to respect: with three years of service the teacher has the right to an enabling training course; and after three years with a fixed term, there is also the right to a permanent contract as soon as the place becomes available, as foreseen by our bill 355 “.

“Ignoring these indications means giving up fundamental tools in the fight against chronic precariousness. And it is mainly the students who are penalized, more and more often forced – concludes Pittoni – to settle for alternates ”, concluded the Northern League.

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