F4 thrilled: Apple used a Galaxy S21 in one of its commercials!

Nicola Leagues

02/07/2021 ore 08:30

In a recent advertisement for the Beats Studio Buds, Apple has included a clear and recognizable image of a Galaxy S21. And what’s so strange? Well, a lot actually, because Apple has never liked showing Android smartphones as they are.

During the recent WWDC, when Apple showed Face Time on Android, it did it with a non-existent smartphone, with absurd cornices and drop notches (we leave you the image below in the gallery, in case you missed it). In the app Switch to iOS, present on the Play Store, there is an old HTC of over a decade ago. And right in the Beats app is what the old Nexus 6P should be. Usually then, when Apple and Samsung are in the same sentence together with the word advertising, it is always for some teasing; but not this time.

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If you didn’t believe it, check this listing on Amazon US with your own eyes: scrolling, before half the page, you will find the image you see below, with the unequivocal S21 in the hand of a happy girl wearing Beats, who in fact they are AirPods that work with Android, and it wouldn’t have been too good to show them with an old HTC, would it? Or it was just an oversight, and the image will soon be removed.

PS To those who do not understand the title of the article, I answer like this.

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