“With the Economic and Financial Plan no increase and new TARI concessions”

“With the Economic and Financial Plan no increase and new TARI concessions”
“With the Economic and Financial Plan no increase and new TARI concessions”

With the approval in the Chamber of the new 2021 economic and financial plan, important elements of novelty arrive with respect to the measures in favor of separate collection and the reduction of waste production.

For the first time, in fact, greater profits are recognized to AMA SpA due to the increase in separate waste collection which will have to reach 50% by the end of 2021.

30% reduction confirmed

Confirmed the discount of 30%, on the variable part of the TARI, in favor of citizens who practice self-composting and simplified the procedures for accessing the concessions. Similarly to what happens in many cities, in fact it will no longer be necessary to request the composter from the AMA, but it will be enough for the citizen to buy it, presenting the tax receipt to obtain the relative discounts.

Non-domestic users

A new measure has also been introduced in favor of non-domestic users to combat food waste. The project, conceived on the Milan model, connects the trade associations with the realities of the third sector so that they can recover excess foodstuffs and allocate them to the most fragile sections of society.

Ziantoni’s words

“The initiative, which is part of the prevention objectives approved by the Capitoline Assembly, has socio-economic and environmental effects of great impact, significantly reducing the production of organic waste and the related economic costs and contributing, at the same time, to social well-being and environmental protection of citizens. The project intends to systematize spontaneous initiatives already implemented by some realities by creating an integrated network and encouraging this good practice ”, explained the Councilor for Waste and Environmental Remediation Katia Ziantoni.

The resources made available in this field represent a concrete and immediately feasible action also foreseen within the SECAP, the Action Plan for sustainable energy and climate adopted by Roma Capitale to combat climate change.

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Economic Financial Plan increase TARI concessions

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