Iliad 120 Giga for 9.99 euros per month (also 5G). Answers to questions

In these hours on Iliad Giga 120 you have asked many questions. As usual, let’s try to clarify. In this post we briefly answer the main questions about the tariff offer Iliad Giga 120 marketed by Iliad from 30 June 2021.

Meanwhile, below we summarize the characteristics of the tariff plan Iliad 120 Giga:

  • Unlimited Minutes
  • Unlimited SMS
  • 120 Giga on the Internet
  • 4G + navigation e 5G
  • 9.99 euros per month

As always, forever and for real. In the style of Iliad that does not include surprises and additional costs at the end of the month. This is the offer that allows you to use the 5G Iliad. So, in addition to the very advantageous price of the Iliad 120 Giga tariff, there is obviously the attractiveness of the new fifth generation ultra-fast technology.

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What changes between Iliad 120 Giga Flash and Iliad 120 Giga?

Absolutely nothing. The first offer, the “flash”, was an offer with a deadline. Now Iliad has decided to include the 120 gig rate in its official price list. This offer, unlike the previous one, therefore, has no expiry date. This does not mean that it cannot be replaced or modified at any time. As happened with the other Iliad rates. Iliad’s security however lies in “forever”. It means that once you have activated an offer you can rest assured because the characteristics will always remain the same, without sudden changes in conditions. The so-called hated remodels so dear to other telephone operators.

How is Iliad 120 Giga activated?

The new Iliad Giga 120 5G offer from 9.99 euros per month can be activated conveniently online, thus avoiding personal contacts with shopkeepers in the stores. In times, unfortunately, still characterized by attention to the spread of the virus, it is an aspect that seems important to us to underline. Online you can buy the new sim (which generally arrives in 2-3 days) and then also start the number portability process (to keep the same telephone number).

The registration procedure with Iliad lasts about 10 minutes and starts from this link of the Iliad site …

Does the € 9.99 per month offer also work in 4G?

Absolutely yes. Iliad’s € 9.99 per month offer allows you to enjoy the giga included in the offer on all technologies currently available on the Iliad network. So also 3G, 4G and 4G +. As mentioned, 5G is in fact only available in some areas of the country and on a small number of enabled smartphones. Once the offer is activated, 5G is “automatically” included. Therefore, nothing will need to be done to enable Iliad 5G on this offer.

Can you upgrade to Iliad Giga 120 if you are already an Iliad customer?

This thing you are asking us in so many. Unfortunately at the moment it is not possible to switch to this new offer if you are already an Iliad customer. This is a tariff proposal therefore reserved only for new ones. For those who are already customers, all that remains is the path, perhaps a little uncomfortable, of triangulation: that is, switching to another mobile operator and then returning to Iliad by joining the new commercial offer.

So it is not possible to change plans with Iliad?

No, unfortunately not. This is a feature highly anticipated by Iliad customers. At the moment customers cannot make internal transitions between one floor and another. So those who already have Iliad remain with the originally chosen rate. The only practical way to change plans is, in fact, to leave Iliad by changing manager and then to return by switching to the new offer chosen. Possible but actually a bit uncomfortable.

Current Iliad offers

Together with the Iliad Giga 120 5G it is however possible to continue to purchase the Iliad 80 Giga tariff. Below is a summary of the Iliad rates that can now be activated online from the links on this page:

Iliad rate Minutes and SMS Cost
Iliad Giga 80 Unlimited € 7.99 / ACTIVE
Iliad Giga 120 5G Unlimited 9.99 euros / ACTIVE

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