Malika Chalhy, not just the luxury car: among the expenses also a bulldog worth 2,500 euros

The words of the seller: “He took the most expensive dog”

Speaking is the Firenzuola salesman who sold her the dog: “I didn’t recognize the girl when she came to the kennel, but then I understood. They are not dogs for all budgets, here we sell the best. She spent 2,470 euros, she paid with two bank transfers, one on May 15th and the other on May 21st. She took the most expensive “. Man confides in “When the dog was sick, he didn’t want to put me in contact with his vet. He demanded a strange reserve, it was as if I didn’t have to exist.”

The controversy

The girl who had moved Italy with her story – abandoned by her family, no longer a job, the country that demonstrates its solidarity with a fundraiser worth almost 150,000 euros – is now fueling new controversies. There are those who accuse them of making fun of the Italians, because they had promised to donate a part of the donations to charity, who justify it given that the 22-year-old, in the end, is free to spend the money as she sees fit.

The slips

But the most obvious slips are those she triggered in her attempts to legitimize her expenses. His first reaction to the dog news would be second “I took it because I liked the breed, do I have to justify myself because I spend my money as I want?”. Then, realizing that she had run into a gaffe, she corrected herself: “The dog is a basic necessity. I am a lover of this breed and I got a bulldog. The Mercedes and the bulldog are necessary goods”.

The Boldrini case Finally, the last slip was the one on the Boldrini. The 22-year-old after all the controversy hired a spokesperson who, to divert attention to something else, had talked about contacts with the deputy for the fight against discrimination. But Boldrini, according to Corriere della Sera, he denied. As a last resort, Malika published on stories of Instagram the transfers made to various charities and the post in which he explains that the “nonsense about Boldrini never came out of me”.


Malika Chalhy luxury car among expenses bulldog worth euros

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