Calenda and its program to conquer Confcommercio

Calenda and its program to conquer Confcommercio
Calenda and its program to conquer Confcommercio

“The politicians tell you that the country’s problem is bureaucracy, but this is the biggest lie they can tell you. At the Mise I did everything that was needed, why? It is the politicians who do not make the bureaucracy work. The average minister spends zero time following the processes. The biggest mockery of politicians is to make you believe that politicians should not administer but give a vision. Except they can’t do it because they don’t read a book, but politics, literally, is the art of governing the polis. The municipality of Rome will work when it will have a mayor who is sitting in the chair to manage the processes “: it is a river in full swing Carlo Calenda, hosted by Confcommercio which inaugurates its cycle of discussions with the candidates with the former owner of the Ministry of Development as mayor of Rome; at the table with the leader of Action, Pier Andrea Chevallard, commissioner of the Confcommercio of Rome and Romolo Guasco, director of the Roman Confcommercio.

“The situation in Rome cannot go back to the pre-Covid situation because it was already dramatic then. Rome works badly but we often forget that Rome is the only capital in the world that grows less than the country it represents. This depends on historical reasons: we start from the non-acceptance that Rome is the capital of Italy, from the beginning it was seen and was built as if it were a port of the mists. This is why our work on Rome is not for the Romans, but for the Italians. Nothing works in Rome: legality, decorum, services, the elements without which a city cannot stand ”.

It starts with the budgets: “Rome has a resource problem because it does not know how to manage its finances, we have 200 million Tari tax evasion because we do not cross six databases we have, we do not intersect the flows that go to the Treasury and those that go to police headquarters. Rome needs managerial work to understand what is happening and to unblock processes. The mayor must go and see what happens, understand and unlock; he must also take the risk in place of the manager of the municipality ”.

“The historic center has emptied by 35% in recent years”, explains Calenda, “I would like to point out that it risks not being there anymore. This is because ours is the only capital in the world that does not have a regulation for holiday homes and b & bs. In the long run, such a capital becomes a dead center, triggering a completely negative spiral. I was asked about tourism, here you have to make choices: if you want to take congress tourism you have to have a dedicated staff, who goes to bid where international fairs are held. If you think health tourism plays a role, you need to know how to manage health data. If you think about culture, you realize that Rome’s museums are impracticable for tourists and this means that today we only take tourism for those who want to put crosses on the monuments seen – Colosseum done, Imperial Forums done: instead we need a project to which the whole world wants to return to Rome. This is why I say: let’s move politics from the Campidoglio and, including the Julius Caesar Hall, let’s say we will build the Louvre of Ancient Rome ”.

“Next to this”, the former Mise urges, “we will have a student residence, think of the General Markets, where all the students of Italy who study what Rome has been spend three days in our city and get to know it closely because this can help build national identity. The American national identity is founded on the Roman Republic: they study it, we know nothing about it ”. Calenda addresses one of the most discussed dossiers of recent days: “They say that the waste problem is unsolvable, in reality what needs to be done is known and it is simple. We must close the cycle, our undifferentiated must go somewhere; there is an Acea waste-to-energy plant that works throughout Lazio, Zingaretti has made an absurd waste plan based on the idea of ​​making everyone happy. Well, from tomorrow the mayor tells Acea that only Rome’s waste is burned in that plant and Lazio will find another solution. Or we can redo the waste plan “.

Another burning issue: “It is said that Rome does not have enough powers, but most of the powers they serve can be delegated with a regional law, but no one does. Rome must certainly become a region with special powers, but other cities do not need these powers to solve the waste cycle problem. Today, with the law for Roma Capitale, powers can be delegated with a simple regional act, but this is not done because the power relations in the city and in Lazio are unbalanced. I’m talking about things that everyone knows: if you have a system that holds subways, surface lines and buses together, you need a single company; everyone knows that Ama must go to Acea, because Acea is a listed company and has a more independent management. Why doesn’t anyone do it? You know the answer for yourself. As you know that if the slogans of the candidates for mayor are “Rome in solidarity and green” or “Rome caput mundi” you are making fun of the Romans. Here we must make decisions that will displease the trade unions of Ama, Atac and traffic police who today have a gigantic political weight ”.

“I said that Ostia must become an independent municipality”, continues Calenda, answering a specific question: “The coastal strip has so far been managed as the landfill of Rome’s problems. We built it with gigantic houses on the side of the sea that often become contexts managed by the underworld. I think that Ostia should be managed as an Adriatic municipality, it must be independent, manage its income. It will obviously be part of a metropolitan municipality, but I would say enough to speak of Ostia as Miami, I would say that it is better to think of it as Rimini ”.

Politecnico di Roma: “It is essential to build it to create the Roman service district, we see it connected to the ITS to which, however, it is necessary to change its name. We will call them, for example, “School of high technical specialization” because otherwise people do not send us their children despite having come out of these paths you find work in 98% of cases and with higher than average salaries. This speaks volumes about the level of dementia that has reached the public debate ”. On Roma camps: “The only thing that really matters to me is the conditions of the children, which are inconsistent. The camps must be dismantled and continued to be dismantled, even six times in a row until those who live there understand that that condition is not right. Sometimes it is the condition in which they want to be, also because in this way a certain type of economy flourishes; well, the mayor of Rome says you are going to do it somewhere else ”.

“In Rome”, continues Calenda, “we need prepared and independent people, certainly not those who have managed the cooperatives and Rome until today: we know who they are, you can find them in the right and left teams. In our list we will have engineers, architects, people who have administered, not just taught ”. Again: “As you all know, it will not be possible to do a new kilometer of metro in the next ten years because there are no plans. In which capital in the world is there such ineptitude? We have written 1700 pages of the program and here at the end of this year I will be able to tell the Romans that we have done a job as the citizens have always asked for it, at least in theory, that is serious, profound and detailed, done by people who know what they are talking about. In my council we will put very senior people who have occupied complex positions and who still occupy them. Then, if someone always votes the same, that’s fine. You know who is behind Gualtieri, Michetti and Raggi. In my opinion, Rome cannot afford another round of madmen behind the wheel “

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