Milan, the Morsenchio Covered Market is reborn: “An important path opens up”

Milan, the Morsenchio Covered Market is reborn: “An important path opens up”
Milan, the Morsenchio Covered Market is reborn: “An important path opens up”

Milano – New plants for one more modern and efficient structure as well as comfortable seats and déhors for the patrons, as well as cultural and aggregative events for the residents of Municipality 4. The complete redevelopment of the Municipal Covered Market of Morsenchio. This afternoon they were the mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala and the Assessor for Labor, Productive Activities and Commerce Policies Cristina Tajani, accompanied by Sergio Monfrini, President of the Morsenchio and Assofood Consortium (Confcommercio Milano), to visit to the 21 operators active in the market. Operators who, for over a year, have gathered in a consortium for the unitary management of the market, aimed at bringing to new life and relaunching the historic structure built in 1960 in Largo Guerrieri Gonzaga.

“Thanks to the interventions of redevelopment and compliance, reborn one of the covered historical markets of our city – explained the mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala -. This would not have been possible without the fruitful collaboration between the Municipality and consortia of entrepreneurs and traders, a joint work that has already led to the regeneration of similar structures in other districts. The goal we are pursuing is enhance the social dimension of the Milanese markets: not only shopping and shopping places, but also meeting and recreational spaces, open to associations and cultural events. I thank the Morsenchio Consortium for what it will do in the coming years, for making this market a place that can effectively respond to the new needs and new times and lifestyles of a contemporary city like Milan “.

“The measures we have implemented in recent years have allowed us to adopt structural interventions and recovery measures capable of guaranteeing a resilience of the market model for many years, making it flexible and capable of reacting to the solicitations of the new needs of citizens and favoring the hybridization between economic and social function on the model of what happened for the market in Santa Maria del Suffragio , Darsena, Lorenteggio, Lagosta and now Morsenchio to which, in the next few years, Wagner, Prealpi and Rombon will soon be added “, thus the Councilor for Labor, Productive Activities and Commerce Policies, Cristina Tajani who followed:” A change approach that has allowed us, as Administration, to consolidate the ‘evolutionary transformation’ of the very concept of the market. The covered municipal markets, which have become the exchange point not only for goods but also for ideas and relationships, through the mixture of classic commercial activities – however always prevalent – and activities with social, cultural, aggregative and recreational purposes “.

“Today we come full circle, and yes opens an important path for the relaunch of the Covered Municipal Markets, and of Morsenchio in particular, which began with the presentation, in 2017, of this new design idea. A project that goes through thanks also to the cohesion of the commercial operators who, with foresight, shared the idea of ​​a new management of the market ”says Sergio Monfrini, President of the Morsenchio Consortium and of Assofood (Confcommercio Milano). The Morsenchio market boasts a very positive evaluation by the citizens of the district with respect to the product offer and the quality of the products and services offered. For this reason, shopkeepers have modernized the stalls and expanded their business with on-site consumption and take-away services.

Specifically, the Morsenchio Consortium, which was in charge of the structure for 20 years until 2040, took care of the bringing all systems up to standard including the new air conditioning system as well as the refurbishment of the roof, the common parts, all the doors and windows as well as the facades and the new sign for a total investment of over 1 million euros. Added to this was the reconstruction of the flowerbed in front of the market entrance with the planting of shrubs and the construction of a new irrigation system, for a cost of 30 thousand euros.

Despite the difficult year marked by the pandemic, the Morsenchio Consortium intends to commit itself not only to the attention to energy saving, the circular economy, waste reduction and the use of biodegradable plastic but above all to the periodic organization of events and appointments to bring the market back at the center of the social life of the neighborhood. The market has opened its spaces to the many associations present in Municipality 4 to raise awareness among citizens on the issue of proper nutrition, and fight against waste thanks to the installation of a notice board where the programs of the various associations can be entered and a permanent space on site for third sector activities. The Consortium has also looked to the web and to the future thanks to the creation of an App and a site through which you can directly order the products offered by the market operators, opt for the home service as well as discover many curiosities about the history of the market, news and all the appointments and events hosted by the structure.

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