Car theft in Italy: in 2021 it is an emergency, over a million vehicles disappeared in 10 years

Car theft in Italy: in 2021 it is an emergency, over a million vehicles disappeared in 10 years
Car theft in Italy: in 2021 it is an emergency, over a million vehicles disappeared in 10 years

After the predictable decline of last year, in the first five months the numbers have grown: the alarm in a LoJack dossier with data provided by the Ministry of the Interior. Only 37% of the cars are recovered

Car theft is an Italian emergency that results in over a million vehicles stolen in the last ten years. After last year’s decline, in the first five months of 2021, thefts returned to growth and the percentage of recovery of stolen cars in our country also continues to decline (37%). Therefore, the number of vehicles that, once stolen, disappear into thin air is growing significantly. Analyzing the trend of the last 10 years, the most alarming data concerns the sea of ​​vehicles never recovered: they have now reached 1,005,778 units. Of these, 682,805 are cars, the remainder are off-road vehicles, motorcycles / scooters, light commercial vehicles and heavy vehicles. These are the main trends that emerge from the “Dossier on Car Theft”, prepared by LoJack Italia (a company of the CalAmp Group that deals with the recovery of stolen vehicles) on the basis of data provided by the Ministry of the Interior.

the red regions

It was evident that 2020 was also a particular year for car thefts, which recorded a significant setback, thanks to the reduced circulation of vehicles and the stringent controls by the police and municipal police in different phases of 2020. . If in the year that marked the beginning of the pandemic, car theft stopped at 75 thousand units (-24% compared to 2019), the recoveries of those stolen recorded a new contraction of 26%, going from 38 thousand of the previous year to 28 thousand in 2020. A decrease that brings the share of vehicles stolen and then recovered to the aforementioned 37%. Ultimately, nearly two out of three stolen cars do not return to their rightful owner. In the LoJack Italia dossier, the regions that are defined as “red” are Campania, where people steal the most, and Lazio, where they recover less: it is not a surprise, these two regions are traditionally the ones most affected by theft. ‘car together with Puglia, Sicily and Lombardy; in these five areas 83% of national thefts are recorded. Just to give an idea, in Campania, despite Covid, thefts have decreased by only 14% (against a national average of -23%), with over 19 thousand episodes.

panda always first

The pandemic has not changed the top positions in the ranking of cars in the sights of thieves, with the first five positions remaining the prerogative of the same models reported in 2019: the leadership of the Panda is consolidated with 7,415 subtractions (therefore, in Italy, more than one car stolen out of ten is Panda which is also the queen of the market), in the following positions there are the Cinquecento (6,889 units stolen), the Punto (5,252), the Ypsilon (2,930) and the Golf (1,491). Further down the ranking we find the Fortwo Coupé, Clio, Fiesta, Corsa and Uno; added together, these ten models represent 44% of the car theft phenomenon in Italy. As for cars of different segments, there is another alarming fact that concerns SUVs: out of 2,687 thefts only 889 (33%) ended with the discovery of the vehicle. Sad statistic that then in Puglia, Lazio and Campania (where 71% of criminal episodes on SUVs take place) also affect 75% of cases. The most sought after by thieves is the Qashqai, (one in five stolen), followed by the Range Rover (one in ten) and the Tucson.

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